How to Make Money Online: 47 Ways to Make Money in 2023 + 70 Sites with an Income of $1000

 On this page, I want to touch on a rather relevant and topical topic of making money on the Internet. There are quite a few ways to make money online in 2023, but not all of them are perfect and not all of them will be equally useful and effective.

I’ll make a reservation right away so that no one will give you anything just like that. You will have to work hard, and the main thing here is to choose something for yourself that would not tire you too much. And it is better, on the contrary, to like it. Well, that's understandable.

First, I will give 11 ways to earn money that do not require special skills and knowledge. Just follow the link, register on the service, and in an hour or two, you will already have something on your account (your account balance). Yes, it will not be millions, but "here and immediately."

Well, then I will describe more complex, but also more monetary options for generating income from the Internet.

Ways to make money on the Internet without investments (2022)

If you do not have your own website, and also do not have special skills that you could convert into hard cash, then it remains to look for options from all the possible offers on the market.

I'm talking about various opportunities for additional income that you can do in your free time (sitting at home at the computer). Let me focus your attention on the most popular tools in various niches.

Method 1. How to make money on likes, reposts, and other actions in social networks

Most modern Internet users have accounts on social networks. And even if they are not there, it will not be so difficult to get them and make them “live” (fill in photos and posts). Therefore, I also classified this method of part-time work as “accessible to everyone”.

The tasks here are very simple - subscribe, like, leave a comment, watch a video, join a group, etc. Everything is very, very simple. They pay a little for each action, but you can complete it quickly and proceed immediately to the next one. And in order for the “conveyor” not to stop, register on all such services and there will always be work.

The best services for earning money on social networks :

  1. VKtarget is the best solution for monetizing your accounts on social networks (Vkontakte, YouTube, Odnoklassniki, etc.). There are many tasks and payments are regular.
    My earnings in VkTarget
  2. Kyukomment  - here you can earn both on social networks and on reviews (comments), which will need to be left in the places specified by the customer (on his website, on the review site, etc.). And this is good because it expands the possibilities of earning.
    My income in Kyucomment
  3. Unu is a microtask exchange. An excellent solution for students and retirees who want to earn on small expenses. In order to start receiving tasks on the site, you do not need to study and make investments, which means that everyone can.
    Work on the Unu exchange
  4. You to Subs is the most popular service for making money on social media activity (subscriptions, actions, etc.). Income can reach up to 1,000 rubles per day.
  5. VTope is a passive income for those who have a computer and social media accounts. You only need to install a program (bot) and configure a proxy (for more details, see the article about VTOPE ).
  6. CashBox  - there are fewer tasks than in VkTarget, but it’s very suitable for part-time work. There are a lot of interesting nuances compared to the two previous services, but you can see them for yourself.
  7. V-like  - here you can earn on your accounts on Vkontakte and YouTube. Reviews about the service are very good and additional tasks will not be superfluous.
    My balance in V-like
  8. VkSerfing  - here you can monetize your accounts in Vkontakte, TikTok, Likee, Telegram, and other modern social networks. Very user-friendly interface and decent job flow.
  9. BossLike  - this service will not allow you to earn, but ... It will help you improve your accounts in the right social networks in order to receive more tasks in the above services. It works on the principle of mutual assistance - you upgrade other people's accounts, and use the points you get to upgrade yours.

How much money can you earn on social networks: from 100 to 300 rubles a day. In a month, everything will depend on how well your accounts are pumped.

Method 2. Earnings on solving captcha

You have probably come across such a thing as a captcha. This is a set of characters (in the form of a picture) that must be entered in the confirmation field when registering or entering any service or site. By doing so, you confirm that you are not a bot. How tired of all of us! But, what is remarkable, you can earn money on it.

For example, webmasters and SEO specialists are ready to pay for solving captchas, but they do it not directly, but through services specially created for this business. Personally, I use three of them, and perhaps there are no more of them. If you are ready for monotonous, but simple work - go ahead!

The best services for earning on captcha :

  1. RuCaptcha is the most popular captcha earning service (part of the Megaindex group of services). It is quite possible to earn 100-200 rubles for a few hours of work (with a certain skill).
    Money earned in a sleeve
  2. 2 captcha  - all the same, but paid in dollars (cents). If you have a tendency for monotonous activity - this is what you need.
  3. KolotiBablo is another very similar service but from a different owner (AntiCaptcha).

How much you can earn by entering captcha: from 10 to 300 rubles per day. In a month, everything will depend on whether you get involved or not.

Method 3. How to make money by viewing ads and other activities on the Internet

I set this method at the very beginning. It has existed for a very long time. Simple as three pennies. 

You just need to perform elementary tasks (put up with advertising banners in the browser, open something, find, click or view), which are offered and paid for by customers. 

And it doesn’t even matter what exactly to do - everything is very simple and does not require special preparation.

True, due to the fact that everyone can work here (from kids to pensioners), then the whole thing is paid not very generously. 

But they allow you to quickly earn a pretty penny and, most importantly, quickly withdraw all this to a card or an e-wallet account.

Top ad viewing and pay-per-action services :

  1. SurfEarner  - in my opinion, this is the best solution of this kind. Here you can earn money by viewing advertising banners in your browser, as well as watching videos on YouTube and a dozen other ways (the range is constantly updated).
    My current earnings in SurfEarner
  2. VipIp  - there is a browser extension that will do all the work for you in a separately opened window. As well as a program for Windows and a Telegram bot. In general, see for yourself  - everything is quite simple.
  3. TeaserFast  - here you can also earn money by viewing various ads in your browser, but there are also tasks for which you pay by the piece.
  4. Free Bitcoin is a service where you can receive bitcoin shares (satoshi) for free once an hour with their subsequent withdrawal. Basically, you get paid to view the ads you see the next time you visit this site. Not much comes out at a time, but the process can be repeated throughout the day, for example, in between other activities.
    Earnings in Freebitcoin
  5. Adbtc and Ajoll are a couple of bitcoin faucets where you need to go to pages with advertising banners to earn income, for which you will be given a small amount in bitcoins or other electronic money.
  6. BestChange is generally a service for monitoring the best exchange rates for cryptocurrencies and electronic money (the most popular of its kind). But he has a free BTC faucet at the bottom of the left column (clicked on the button - got paid), where you can receive from 1 to 100 satoshi every 60 minutes. A trifle, but again, nice. Yes, and for its intended purpose, this service can be used - the search for the best exchange rates (consider saving on withdrawals from some of the earnings services described here).
    Free satoshi in bestchange
  7. SEO-spint is the oldest and most famous box, which is always more alive than all the living ones. We can say that a role model for other services. You can withdraw money starting from a few rubles, which can be critical for someone.
    My balance in SeoSprint
  8. SEO-Fast is the closest follower of the previous box. Many work for both of them to increase their income.
  9. ProfiTCentR  - this service is also very similar to SEOSprint (even externally), so you can add it to the clip (suddenly you will like some nuances of working on it).
  10. Yandex.Toloka  - the search engine also needs some simple actions that performers will perform for it. The tasks are simple and not very different from those that are performed on classical axle boxes.
    Tasks in Yandex Toloka
  11. TaskPay is one of the most successful new players in this market. You can earn a little more here than on the boxes described above. So far, there have been no problems with payments and we hope that there will not be in the future.
  12. SocPublic  - here they pay for site views, likes and comments, registration and subscription, as well as for viewing ads.

How much money can you earn: as I said, somewhere from 20 to 100 rubles a day. But this pleasure is available to everyone from young to old.

Method 4. Earnings on reviews

There are sites that post reviews of various products or services. They are in demand by Internet users who choose something and want to form a preliminary opinion about it. So, you can make good money on these reviews. In essence, they share with us the advertising revenue.

In this case, you do not need to have the skills of a copywriter or rewriter. It is enough just to be able to more or less clearly express your thoughts in print. It will be enough to describe what you really recently bought, adding photos taken on your phone.

They pay here not only for the publication itself but also for its impressions (the more popular it is, the more you earn). Therefore, it makes sense to promote your publications to the best of your ability - post links to them on the social network, and invite friends and acquaintances to read them.

The best review sites for making money:

  1.  - the first 50 rubles to the account can be received by indicating the promo code HYIIPYP8 during registration. The system pays bonuses for each posted review + 50 rubles for every thousand unique views of the review. The bonus is up to 100 rubles (depending on the quality of the review and the topic). Read more about the nuances of working with this service in the article - Tips for increasing earnings on the I recommend website.
    My money in iRecomend
  2. VseOtzyvy  - a huge number of sections and topics on which you can write a review and get points for it. They can then be exchanged for money and withdrawn. Everything is very similar to recommend, but in a slightly different interface.
  3. Reviewer is the most famous review site, but I placed it at the end, because. it will be more difficult to make money on it (a tougher approach to the quality of content and its design).
    History of payments from Otzovik
  4. Kyukomment  - this service also allows you to earn reviews, but still it is somewhat different. Here you need to leave reviews on customer sites. But the essence is similar - write a review with a one-time payment. See the screenshot of income above (in the block for earning on likes, because Kyukomment allows you to do this),

How much you can earn on reviews: an average of 4,000 - 6,000 rubles per month. True, this is with the expectation that your reviews will have views.

Method 5. Making money on paid surveys

Many companies need to know the opinion of potential buyers and customers in order to properly form their product range. Other market players also need similar studies and they are ready to pay for them. And this is the main thing for us.

It will not be possible to work directly with large companies, but we do not need this, because there are dozens of services (questionnaires) that pay for taking surveys. And it's great that there are a lot of them because it will allow you to receive offers to take surveys on a regular basis, which means stabilizing your earnings.

Immediately make a reservation that there are some tricks in this matter. You will need to complete your profile very carefully on each of the questionnaires below. But... How should I put it? You don't have to be completely outspoken. You can slightly overestimate your ability to pay and other important factors. Read more here - How to increase your earnings on paid surveys?

Unfortunately, due to the “compromising war”, it is very difficult to understand from the reviews left on the network how honest they were (by the way, one of the ways to earn money given in this article is writing reviews for money). Therefore, to find something worthwhile is often possible only through their own trial and error.

Here is a list of questionnaires that, in my current experience, have performed well (you can find the full list at the link above, as well as screenshots with confirmation of payments):

Best Paid Survey Services :

  1. YouThink is the most successful of the newly discovered questionnaires. Payouts and reviews are very flattering. I like everything so far, but we'll see...
  2. The questionnaire is one of the most famous questionnaires in Runet. It has a good reputation and a developed technical support service. For one survey they pay from 20 to 50 rubles, and it is quite possible to earn from 2000 to 5000 rubles per month.
    Money earned in the Questionnaire
  3. My Opinion is a subsidiary service of the Questionnaire, which has a slightly different scheme for remunerating its users (not with money, but with points that can be spent in dozens of ways).
  4. An anetologist is a solid questionnaire with a good interface and stable earnings (at least for me). You can earn from about 20 to 100 rubles while spending only 15-20 minutes a day.
  5. MYIYO  is a German questionnaire adapted to our audience. The cost of one survey can reach up to 10 euros.
  6. The paid survey is one of the first surveys I tried out. Payouts are stable, as are the surveys themselves.
    Money earned on the service of paid surveys
  7. Ruble Club  - a lot of small polls for 30-40 rubles
  8. Expert Opinion  - they pay from 30 to 1000 rubles for one survey, but expensive options are not common.
  9. Survey Harbor is a well-known international questionnaire.

How much money can you earn on surveys: from 10 to 1,000 rubles per survey. On average, from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles a month. The last amount can be increased by working on several services at once.

Method 6. Applications for making money from your phone

It is also a very simple method available to everyone. I'll explain a little. In the application stores (App Store and Google Play), those applications that are at the top of the list are most often installed. To get there, you need to score a large number of installs and positive reviews.

Therefore, application developers and owners are willing to pay for their installation on the phone, as well as for positive reviews about it. This is where we will make money. And for this, there are a number of special intermediary applications that bring developers and performers together.

Please note that you will not find most of these applications in the App Store and Google PlayAnd it’s understandable why – the owners of these services don’t like that someone is cheating views and reviews. Each application is downloaded from the page of this application on the Internet (either an SMS is sent to the phone number you specified, or a direct link will be provided).

There you will also find installation instructions (you will need to allow something in the settings of your phone). In addition, if during registration in the application you enter the promotional codes below, you will receive a small payment (gift) to your account. A trifle, but nice.

The best applications for making money on Android and iOS :

  1. AppBonus (promo code YQZDG to receive the first money to the account) - to start receiving income, just install the AppBonus application. To do this, enter your phone number and an SMS will be sent to it with a download link and instructions.

    Then it remains only to select a task from the list and complete it. After that, the funds will be transferred to the user's internal account in the service. They can replenish the mobile balance, and withdraw to the WebMoney, Qiwi, or YuMoney wallet.

    How much can you earn on AppBonus
  2. AdvertApp (promo code for receiving a cash bonus - 2p2sq3 ) - by clicking on the link you will need to click on the AppStore or GooglePlay button, and then follow the instructions to install the application (a little complicated, but believe me, it's worth it).

    The application allows you to earn money on your mobile phone (watching videos, installing applications, filling out questionnaires, etc.). There are many possibilities, and together with other applications, this will allow you to continuously receive new tasks and increase your income.

    My earnings in AdvertApp
  3. AppCent is another similar app. At the same time, software with a different name is installed on the phone, but it will contain tasks and the ability to withdraw the money earned in almost all possible ways. But you don't need to do any additional settings on your phone.
  4. PR Ambassador is an application for making money on brand advertising. Simple tasks with good pay.
    How much does a brand ambassador earn?

How much they pay in applications for making money on the phone: 100 rubles a day may well come out of one application, but the amount mainly depends on the abundance of tasks (when it is dense and when it is empty).

Method 7. How to make money on freelance exchanges with simple tasks

If you think that freelancing is only for programmers and other trained professionals, then you are deeply mistaken. There are types of tasks for which you do not need to have any in-depth knowledge. Your daily experience will suffice.

This, of course, will not be as easy as watching videos or liking posts on social networks, but they also pay much more for tasks here. It will be possible to become a permanent executor with the customer, and the work will be much more diverse than in the ways of earning described above.

The best freelance exchanges with simple tasks :

  1. Vorkzila (using the promo code fp443140 you will receive a 100 rubles discount on a subscription or task payment) is remote work for people with different levels of training (up to completely unprepared ones).

    Examples of tasks on Workzil

    You can read the details in my short review of freelancing exchange for beginners WorkZilla.

    1300 rubles earned in Workzilla

    The only negative is the need to pay for your membership in this exchange. The amount is small (besides, using the promotional code above, you can get a discount of a quarter of the amount), but the very need to pay is alarming. This is definitely not a scam (the exchange has been operating for many years). The owners say that this is an incentive fee, like an annual subscription to a fitness club (you will go even if you are lazy - after all, you have already paid).

  2. Quark is another freelance exchange where anyone can earn money. True, here is the reverse scheme of the meeting between the customer and the contractor. On Workzile, you look for tasks that suit you, and on Kwork, you yourself form your proposals in the form of kworks (the price starts from 500 rubles).

    The exchange offers work to people of various interests (from a programmer to builders and plumbers). Have a look at the different sections of kworks, try them on and create your own. At first, do not raise the price, and after receiving a number of positive reviews, you can start increasing revenues.

    How much can you earn on the Quark exchange
  3. There are several other popular freelance exchanges, which, however, are mainly focused on professionals. But nevertheless, I will give them, because you can earn very, very good money there:
    1. FL
    2. weblancer
    3. freelancehunt

How much money can you earn freelancing: there are no restrictions here, it all depends on orders and their cost. On Workzil and Kwork, it is quite realistic to receive from 10,000 - 15,000 rubles a month to 100,000 - 200,000. For some types of specialists, this is not the limit.

Method 8. Earnings on writing texts (copywriting, rewriting)

The entire Internet, in fact, consists of texts. And someone writes them. Why can't that someone be you? No special knowledge is required for this (a school curriculum in Russian or any other is enough). The demand for texts is always high and there is enough work in this area for everyone.

The only problem in this direction (except for innate tongue-tiredness) may be the difficulty of obtaining the first tasks on the copywriting exchanges described below. Until you have reviews and ratings, customers will be very careful and agree to give you a task, only at a very low price (it is assigned for 1,000 characters). But it's hard for everyone. The main thing is to get the first reviews, and then things will go.

To make the initial stage go as smoothly as possible, I advise you to take a look at my comparison of the most popular text exchanges.

The best copywriting exchanges :

  1. Etxt is the best exchange in my opinion. And for both beginners and professionals. I like everything about it, especially the income. Read also the Etxt review, in which a professional copywriter gives advice on working in this exchange.
    Income in the Etxt exchange
  2.  is a very popular exchange with its own group of fans. There are things that are not in other similar services, but you will figure it out for yourself, for example, based on my review of
    An example of an order for
  3. TurboText  - I also like this exchange, although its design is somewhat behind the times. It is quite possible to make money here, and if regular customers appear, then it will be possible to stabilize income completely. See for yourself, decide.
  4. There are a number of copywriting exchanges, which I will list below. It is possible that among them you will find the most suitable option.
    1. contentmonster
    2. copylancer
    3. Miratext
    4. WorkHard

How much a copywriter can earn: depends on many things. Several tens of thousands of rubles a month or around a hundred thousand - will depend on the price tag and demand.

Method 9. How to make money doing student and school work

When we were studying at a school or institute, many of us did work for other students, receiving payment in return (to write an essay, term paper, report, etc.). Another thing is that it was not easy to find many customers. Now (in the era of the Internet) it is much easier to do this.

If you are a student, teacher, schoolboy, or just a person who is well versed in some area, then this method may well suit you. They pay well because this work can no longer be called unskilled.

The best services for making money for students and schoolchildren:

  1. Vse-Sdal
  2. Resham
  3. Author24
  4. home work
  5. Sdelau-Uroki

How much you can receive: from 10,000 to 50,000 rubles per month.

Method 10. Earnings on file hosting

The meaning is quite simple. There are sites that make money by showing ads to those who come to download some files from them. The more such files and the more people who want to download them, the greater the income of the service (they are called file hosting). So they need those who will fill in the files. Those. we are with you.

The trick here is to upload a file that is very useful and interesting to a certain audience, and then start promoting a link to it (on your website, in social networks, etc.). The more downloads there will be (the more ads on the file hosting service will be unscrewed), the more you will earn in the end. Yes, your income will also depend on the country where the download file came from - Europe and the USA are the best options in this regard, but it is not so easy to attract them.

Sites of the best file hosting :

  1. File Mix  - it's nice that the interface of this file hosting service is made in Russian. The price for one download ranges from several rubles to several tens of rubles.
  2. Vex File  - by default, this file hosting service has an English-language interface, but it will be possible to Russify it after registration (from the settings). For one download, they pay at least $ 0.1, which is quite good. The lower threshold for input is low, which is also very pleasing.
  3. Cpinap  is also a bourgeois file-sharing service. Download payouts are higher, but payment terms are substantially more stringent.

How much money can you get from file sharing: for one download from a few rubles to about 100 rubles. The cost depends on the country where the visitor came from. The number of downloads depends only on you (how you promoted the link to the file and how much people need it).

Method 11. How to make money from images

If one of your hobbies (or talents) is photography, then you may well try to monetize it. There are special sites (photostocks and photobanks) where you can sell photos (or get money for downloading them). The only condition is that the image must be unique (now it is very easy to check).

Yes, you can upload not only photos but also graphic works (including vector ones), as well as videos (not everywhere). Well, you yourself will figure it out.

The best photobanks for making money :

  1. Shutterstock is probably the largest photo bank in the world. Very complacent towards those who are trying to make money on it for the first time (helps in promoting the photo). It pays well and the level of payouts can grow over time (with the growth of your rating on this service).
  2. Fotolia and Adobe Stock are essentially the same photo bank, where they pay a very generous percentage of the sales of your images.
  3. Depositphotos is another photo stock. There is a system to encourage authors and many other nuances.
  4. Dreamstime is an English-language service that can also be recommended for use because photography has no language barriers.

How much can you earn on photobanks: from several hundred to several tens of thousands of rubles per month. It is very difficult to be more specific because everything depends on both your talent and luck.

Method 12. Yandex.Toloka

Yandex Toloka is a fairly popular site for making money from Yandex. Here you will need to perform simple tasks that are ultimately designed to make the Yandex search engine results better.

Tasks on Yandex Toloka include fixing errors in search algorithms, as well as solving problems with the analysis of text and graphic content. Despite the fact that the title of the work sounds too incomprehensible for a beginner, everything is extremely easy.

The system cannot work perfectly, because everyday users make more than two hundred million search queries. During various software failures and small developer errors, information may be displayed incorrectly.

Earnings in Yandex Toloka

For example, when you search for "delicious pancake recipes," pictures of spaghetti appear on the screen. Freelance employees of Yandex Toloka deal with just such problems.

How much money can you earn in Toloka: In general, a beginner can easily receive 100-300 rubles a day without spending a lot of time on it.

Method 13. Making money on comments

Many websites and social networks have the ability to leave comments. The presence of meaningful comments positively affects the ranking of sites in search engines, as well as the popularity of a page or channel in a social network. So, their owners have a desire to buy these comments.

There are several exchanges that specialize specifically in working with comments (where the customer gives a specific task that needs to be completed), and it is also possible to sell your services through freelance exchanges such as Quark or Workzilla.

Not much is paid for one comment (depends on its volume). But there will be a lot of orders, so income is easily scaled. Special copywriting skills are not required here - just follow the task and leave your comment.

Top comment exchanges :

  1. Qcomment
  2. UNU
  3. Kwork
  4. Work-zilla
  5. Prospero

How much can you earn on comments: from several thousand to several tens of thousands of rubles per month.

Method 14. Trade in virtual items

In many online games, it is common to trade in some kind of game (virtual) items that you obtained at the cost of incredible efforts. So why don't they make money from it?

The cost of some items can reach thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. But this is a rarity that is available to few. However, there are many other valuable items that can be obtained much easier. There are many games where you can get real money for items (CS: Go, WoW, Eve Online, and many more).

Where can I find buyers:

  1. Market4Game
  2. RF Cheats

Naturally, only those who play and know such games well should do this.

How much money can you earn on virtual items: from 1,000 to 20,000 thousand rubles per month. Naturally, it all depends on your gaming skill.

Method 15. How to make money testing other people's sites

Don't be scared. You will not need knowledge of a usable list, layout designer, or SEO specialist here. Nothing like this. All you need is yourself as an ordinary Internet user with an uncomplicated look. Why you and not some professional? But because the latter thinks differently. He won't see what you see.

Such people are often referred to as site testers or assessorsThey do not communicate directly with the customer but only perform tasks received in special services (visit the site, rate the convenience, find something on the site, etc.). Customers are site owners who want to increase conversion and increase the attractiveness and convenience of their site.

Large sites can hire testers directly and by creating their own service, as Yandex did, for example, by creating TolokaBut for everyone else, this is not convenient, expensive, and labor-intensive, so they use existing services, which are listed below.

The best services for recruiting website testers :

  1. Ask Users is the leader in the Russian-speaking segment. Register here, confirm that you are not a robot, download the program and start working (answering questions that are interesting and understandable to you). No knowledge and experience is needed - only your subjective judgment.

    Earnings on testing sites

    On average, for one task you can get from 150 to 250 rubles. The frequency of receipt of assignments depends on the number of sites that give assignments. Usually, there are a lot of them.
  2. User Testing is the leader in the English-speaking segment. Good command of the language is required. They pay for work in dollars, which can be withdrawn to PayPal.
  3. UX Crowd - here they offer, in fact, official work with the payment of taxes and deductions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. The assignments are varied and varied.

How much can you earn as a tester (assessor): in principle, for unskilled labor, it’s not so little. Up to 3,000 rubles a day, if you're lucky with the tasks. It is clear that this level of income is unlikely to be maintained for the entire month, but during the downtime, you can do something else.

Earnings on referrals in 2022

I decided to allocate a separate section for this option of extracting income from the network because it deserves it. Why? Find out below in the text. 

So, earnings on referrals (affiliate programs)  are quite promising and, remarkably, passive

Most likely, you won’t earn much and very quickly, but it is remarkable in that you can safely go on vacation, and the income from your referrals will not decrease from this.

Another thing is that in order to attract referrals in a more or less decent amount, you will still need to have your own site and at the same time it is quite promoted. However, this is not at all necessary. 

You can post a reflink on thematic forums, after familiarizing yourself with their rules and possible prohibitions. 

Sometimes this can be done in the "signature", and then for maximum coverage, you will have to actively communicate in those branches where your target audience may live.

Probably the best option to increase the number of attracted users would be to write detailed articles on working with a particular service (exchange), with referral links placed in them (using them, the system will credit these users to your account). Offline, the analog of earning on referrals is the position of an insurance broker.

If you wish, you can find affiliate programs for any topic, but not all of them will be equally profitable. You will have to test them or focus on the reviews of other users. Let me give those of them that I use myself, and you add something else from yourself in the comments. Since I use my own site to distribute referrals, affiliate programs turned out to be consonant with it in terms of subject matter.

I will try to arrange them according to the level of earnings, but again I repeat that everything is purely individual.

  1. Vktarget is a good affiliate program in which they pay 15% of the income of referrals you attracted. Because the exchange is suitable for absolutely everyone, then it will not be difficult to collect refs. Read more about making money on social networks through Vktarget at the link below.One million rubles from the affiliate program Vktarget
  2. Binance (when registering using this referral link, there will be some bonuses like a reduced commission) is the world's largest crypto exchangeShe has a very good partner. Read more about the exchange and its partner program in this article.
    Binance Affiliate Earnings
  3. Eksmo (it seems that there are also goodies when registering using a reflink) is the largest crypto exchange in Runet. There is no way to see the total income on the affiliate program, so I post a screen of messages about the withdrawal of funds earned in it. Amounts for half a month (from May 1 to May 15, 2021) are underlined.
    Income from affiliate program Eksmo
  4. Workzilla is a freelance exchange partner of a new format. In my opinion, a very promising direction, which shows itself very well in terms of profitability (already close to a million rubles).750,000 rubles from the Vorkzila affiliate program
  5. Free Bitcoin is the oldest bitcoin faucet with a very generous affiliate program.
    Money earned in the Free Bitcoin affiliate program
  6. 60 sec is an exchanger of electronic currencies and real money, which has a very profitable affiliate program. I found it about a year ago, but already now the income from the affiliate program is impressive:
    Charges in 60 sec
    Affiliate program 60 sec
  7. Rucaptcha is another universal affiliate program where you can attract a very diverse and often difficult to monetize audience (everyone knows how to enter captcha). In a year, I managed to earn about this much:Passive income in Rukapcha
  8. Etxt  - this copywriting exchange has a fairly profitable affiliate program. I don’t know where to take a screenshot of all the earnings, but in total, I have already withdrawn many tens of thousands of rubles from there and probably spent the same amount on the purchase of articles for various projects.Earnings in Etxt
  9. BestChange is an affiliate monitoring program for exchangers, where they pay $0.35 for each attracted client to the site.Bestchange affiliate program and its profitability
  10. AdvertApp is an affiliate web application for making money on a mobile phone. It’s pretty good, considering that I’ve only been working with her for two or three months (when registering, enter the promo code 2p2sq3 to get the first money):How much I earn now in Advertapp
  11. AppCent  is a very similar affiliate program and also with a good income for the same time (promo code 4ZVQD1):94 thousand rubles from Apcent
  12. I recommend (you can get the first 50 rubles to your account by specifying the promo code HYIIPYP8 during registration) - a popular service with reviews, where there is a very good referral program.
    Earnings in Airecomend affiliate program
  13. SurfEarner is a popular way to make money with schoolchildren and students. They have a very generous partner. In addition, there are tools for attracting referrals to any of your affiliate programs.
    Surfearner affiliate income
  14. Regru is a service for registering domains and providing hosting for websites. He also has a very generous affiliate program.
    Affiliate program reg ru
  15. AdvCash is a payment system with referral payments for attracted users. Very foolish.
    Income from affiliate program Advcash
  16. Kwork is an exchange of services at a fixed price. Very popular and convenient. You have the opportunity to earn on its promotion.
    Affiliate Kwork
  17. Unu is an exchange of simple tasks with its own referral program. I've only recently been involved in it, but so far everything seems to be going well.
    Affiliate in Una
  18. Payer is another payment system with a good referral program.
    Affiliate program in Peer
  19. Qcomment  - already mentioned this service. But it also has a great partner.
    Income from referrals in Qcomment
  20. and TurboText  - these content exchanges also have their own very profitable referral programs.
  21. My business is an affiliate program to distribute online accounting services. In fact, it is multi-level and allows you to earn not only on direct sales but also on the sales of your partners. The payouts are very high.
  22. AliExpress ePN is the official affiliate program of the world's largest AliExpress store.

Unfortunately, profitable affiliate programs sometimes close. For example, this was the case with Profit Partner, but he allowed me to earn the most on his affiliate program:

One million rubles earned in Profit

If someday you decide to open your own Internet service (exchange or something else), then be sure to attach an affiliate program to it. 

Yes, you will lose part of the income on payments for attracted referrals, but this will actually be a viral promotion of the project that can immediately attract a huge number of users.

How can you make money online with your own mind?

The ways to generate income from the Internet (or with it) described below assume that you have an interest or ability in some area of ​​\u200b\u200bknowledge that could be put into practice. 

Naturally, you won’t be able to use everything at once - you need to choose the one closest to you.

Sometimes, even understanding the very possibility of earning money in any field of knowledge encourages a person to take the first steps, which can become crucial for the entire future career.

Method 1. Freelance earnings

A freelancer is a kind of private person (although it can be an individual entrepreneur) who undertakes to complete a certain amount of work (task). Translated, this term means “free worker” (free artist).

Any kind of freelancing (remote work) requires certain knowledge in the field of the web mastering, programming, or any other chosen area of ​​effort. 

But on the other hand, it does not require investments, and if you, say, have learned how to make a website or a selling landing page yourself, then you can already offer your services on freelance exchanges, thematic forums, or on your own resource.

Freelancing includes not only web mastering but also earning money by promoting other people's projects, writing various scripts and texts to order (as well as a content manager), Internet marketing, work in the field of usability, design, advertising services, distance learning, SEO, etc. (For details, see the separate article on freelancing, the link to which is given just above).

Over time, you will gain both experience and professional skills, which will help you do your job faster and earn more from it.

The best freelance exchanges to make money on your skills:

  1. weblancer
  2. FL
  3. Workzilla
  4. Quark
  5. freelancehunt

Be careful. Employers quite often offer freelancers to participate in competitions (selection competitions), but often with only one goal - to get the job they need for free. In the vast majority of cases, a good portfolio for the customer will be enough to make a decision on choosing a contractor.

How much can you earn freelancing: up to 100,000 - 200,000 thousand rubles per month. For some types of specialists, this is not the limit.

Method 2. How to make money on YouTube

Next in line, we have a greatly underestimated service that allows you to attract traffic, and if such a task is not worth it (you don’t have your own Internet project), then you can make very decent money on it.

To do this, it is enough to create your own channel, add your author's videos to it periodically, enter into a partnership agreement with YouTube, and then simply receive a percentage of the ads from Google (Google Adsense) shown in your videos.

Earning on youtube

But this is far from all, and not even most of it. Read about what other ways to make money on YouTube exist

The best option is direct advertisers, but they will only become interested in your channel if it becomes really popular.

How to create a popular channel and choose the most profitable niche, read the link above. The tips there are simple, but many do not take them into account, which does not allow you to achieve your cherished goal in the easiest way.

Find a niche and create videos for it. Videos can be made from pictures (using the YouTube editor), shot on a phone, or robbed from games or movies. What to make a video about? About what you are good at. Or purposefully select a niche that has a lot of traffic.

Promoting your channel on YouTube is easier than a website (methods still work there that have not worked when promoting websites for many years). But there are also its own specifics. 

Of course, what matters is what and how you will broadcast. But it is also very important that the videos have a great image and sound (the latter may be even more important, so don't skimp on the microphone).

How much money can you make on YouTube: at first, nothing at all. As the channel is promoted (with viral content, this can happen in the blink of an eye), the amounts will increase, 1,000,000 rubles a month is far from the limit.

Method 3. Yandex Zen and Pulse from

Zen (from Yandex)  is a popular platform today where content is created by ordinary users. The same can be said about Pulse from, but the latter is still very young and you can get there only by invitation from other participants (or by writing to the administration).

The content on Zen is monetized through contextual advertising from Yandex (however, it will be possible to connect it only after reaching 10,000 minutes of viewing in 7 days), but income directly depends on the size of the attracted audience. Therefore, it is relevant to understand the principles of promoting articles in Yandex Zen. Pulse is also monetized but at the expense of advertising from

Zen studio

True, both here and there there is the possibility of blocking your channel and you can lose all your achievements (subscribers, content, income). It will be almost impossible to dispute this. Although the same can be said about YouTube (VK, etc.).

In both services, it is possible to connect your site (its RSS feed), if you have one so that new materials automatically get into Zen with Pulse. In this case, you will be paid a percentage of the income from showing ads on your pages.

Which service to choose? I think you should try both. While Pulse is still just spinning, and in order to lure authors from Zen, it can offer more favorable conditions for channel monetization. 

But over time, the levels of earnings will become approximately the same. And this is good because the competition will encourage the owners of Zen and Pulse to share advertising revenue with authors more.

How much can you earn on Zen and Pulse: from 1,000 to 100,000 rubles (there are authors and at times with a large income). Income, of course, depends on the popularity of your publications. If there are a lot of subscribers, and a high level of follow-ups and you don’t break the rules, the service will start promoting your content itself.

Method 4. How to make money on TikTok

TikTok is a popular social network (application for mobile devices) now. Among young people, it is one of the most popular, displacing YouTube and VK. She, like YouTube, allows you to post videos, but only short (and most often funny). In general, the network is for those who do not like to read a lot and watch one thing for a long time.

You can earn very decently in it, you just need to know how to use TikTok correctly and how to monetize it optimally. 

Unfortunately, this information is not distributed for free, but the benefit is that you can learn not so expensive.

Tiktok is still very young and it will be easier to advance there than on YouTube (the application itself does this), but you need to understand the specifics of this site (collaborations are especially ruled there, i.e. shooting a video together with other bloggers of this social network) and understand what content will become popular among this audience.

Of course, this way of earning is best for schoolchildren and teenagers, because they do not need to explain what the Tik-Tok audience wants.

How much money can you earn on TikTok: 100,000 rubles a month and more are quite achievable. Although someone receives such an amount for just one advertisement. But just like in the case of YouTube, everything depends on the popularity of your content and the desire of the platform itself to promote it, and advertisers to pay.

Method 5. Remote work.

In fact, the Internet can be used simply as a medium that can connect you with your employer and perform your duties remotely (sitting at home). This method became especially popular after the introduction of quarantine in 2020. Many, having tried this option of work, continued to use it in the future.

Of course, not all professions allow you to work remotely, so this option is not suitable for everyone. But if you are lucky (with a profession and an employer), you can try.

What professions allow you to work remotely :

  1. Copywriters, content managers
  2. Programmers of all stripes, sysadmins, security specialists, software testers
  3. Web designers, usability, layout designers, artists
  4. Administrators of sites, groups in social networks, as well as SMM specialists
  5. Advertising specialists (directors, affiliates), SEO specialists
  6. Consultants, sales managers, call center workers
  7. Teachers, tutors, consultants
  8. Accountants, personnel officers, lawyers, realtors
  9. Etc.

If you already have a suitable specialty, but there are no offers for remote work, then you can search for it on specialized sites.

  1. HH.RU  - a popular job search site that has the ability to search for vacancies remotely.
  2. Yandex Work is another search service with many remote work vacancies.
  3. Avito  - there is also a job search section.
  4. and  are popular job search portals in Russia and Ukraine, respectively.
  5. is the largest platform for finding remote work, including via Telegram.
  6. Distance — job search remotely via VK and via Telegram.

How much you can earn remotely: the same as working in the office in the same specialty.

Method 6. How to make money on consultations and training

If you are considered a specialist in any field (well, or at least consider yourself such a specialist), then you can easily create your own online course and start making money from its students, or provide paid consultations on issues of interest to people.

The format of online webinars, coaching, training, or marathons is now very popular. What exactly to choose is up to you. 

Most often, such formats are used to teach SEO promotion, SMM, working with contextual advertising, marketing, programming, and ways to make money.

Along with this, many specialists provide one-time paid consultations on specific issues and problems. This is often done:

  1. Psychologists
  2. Lawyers
  3. nutritionists
  4. financiers
  5. Fitness trainers
  6. Successful businessmen
  7. Specialists of the specialties listed just above, who often also conduct training courses
  8. Etc.

If you think that your knowledge can be in demand - do not be afraid and try. See if you're interested in it if you're good at it, and if people are interested in it.

The best option for attracting customers is your own website, promoted by the necessary search queries. You can also use thematic forums, freelance exchanges, and job search sites listed in the previous section of this article.

How much money can you earn on consultations and training: from several tens of thousands of rubles a month to several hundred thousand. It all depends on the promotion of your personal brand (name).

Method 7. Earnings on pumping or selling game accounts

If someone thinks that the ability to play computer games well is worth nothing, then he is greatly mistaken. These skills even made some millionaires, like the Russian team Team Spirit, which won the Dota 2 World Championship in 2022.

It is clear that these are professionals of the highest level, but there is a way for your gaming talents to monetize. Of those that are used most often, it is worth highlighting two:

  1. Creation from scratch and upgrading of accounts in popular online games with the aim of their subsequent sale. Not all new players want to start from scratch, and many of them are ready to buy an account that has already been upgraded to a certain level. All that remains is to agree on a price (well, and find each other, but see below for more on that).
  2. Pumping other people's game accountsThey give you access, and you do what you want (passing through difficult places, general character leveling, earning game currency, finding artifacts or Easter eggs).

It is better to sell accounts through the Guarantors (authoritative users of the forum, chat). You will lose a percentage or two to pay for the Guarantor's service, but the transaction will go through without deception because there are a lot of scammers on the network.

The main thing is that the game you specialize in should be popular. Then it will not be difficult to find a buyer or customer for pumping. At the peak of popularity at different times there are different games, but there are classics that are always in fashion :

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)
  2. Dota 2
  3. Fortnite Battle Royale
  4. World of Tanks
  5. Battlefield
  6. World of Warcraft
  7. warfare
  8. War Thunder
  9. League of Legends

Now mobile games are also gaining popularity (Call of Duty Mobile, World of Tanks Blitz, LoL: Wild Rift, and many others), where such services may also be needed. But this is an even more specific direction, where it will be somewhat more difficult to find customers and buyers. But for the future - a very good option.

You can search for potential buyers and customers :

  1. On forums dedicated to this game or similar games in general. Usually, special topics are created for such offers, or branches where you can publish your ad (open a topic).
  2. In groups of any social networks dedicated to this game.
  3. In chats that allow its participants to communicate within the game (if it is not prohibited by the rules).

How much can you earn on network games: one pumped account can cost 10,000 rubles, and, for example, completing one task can cost from 50 to 1,000 rubles. It is clear that the level of your income will depend on your qualifications and the flow of customers.

Method 8. Game streams

I’ll tell you about another way to monetize your gaming abilities. It is not necessary to play only multiplayer games here, a game designed for a single passage is also quite suitable (I like those).

Often, watching a professional play is more interesting than playing it yourself. It is addictive, especially if everything is accompanied by interesting comments. The effect is like watching a sports match with an excellent commentator.

Therefore, many sites have appeared on the network where game streams are broadcast. There are even TV channels broadcasting game streams - it's so exciting. I myself have not played for ten years, but I look at the game of others with pleasure.

The list of streaming sites was given in the article (see the link above), but I will repeat it so that you do not get distracted:

  1. Twitch is a streaming platform with very good image quality. Everything you might need is here. I definitely recommend starting from here.
  2. YouTube is originally a video service, but with the ability to stream. Because the service is not specialized, then some convenient moments available on Twitch are absent here.
  3. GoodGame is a domestic platform with an emphasis on game streaming. I also recommend trying it.

What does a streamer's income consist of :

  1. interest in advertising;
  2. interest from a paid subscription;
  3. voluntary donations from viewers (donations).

How much money can you make on streams: with an average of 100-200 subscribers, you can count on about 30,000 rubles per month. Of course, this amount is very approximate. Here is the TOP of the richest streamers (albeit three years ago, but this does not change the essence):

How much do streamers earn

Method 9. Earnings on the channel in Telegram

In addition to YouTube and TikTok, there is a Telegram messenger that is gaining popularity. In it, you can create your own channel, which they will subscribe to and read (watch), and you can receive money for advertising publications.

Telegram, however, is not designed for the promotion of channels (it does not promote them, like, say, YouTube or TikTok). This is the main problem. You will have to promote the channel in some other way (links from your website, blog, publics in other social networks, mutual PR with other telegram channels).

But here a channel can earn very well even with a small (relative to other services) number of subscribers. In addition, far from all topics are covered and there are places where you can quickly unwind. On average, the cost of placement will be based on the calculation of 1 ruble per subscriber (at first it may be less because you need to somehow attract advertisers).

How much you can earn on the Telegram channel: as I already mentioned, it depends on the number of subscribers. It makes sense to start monetization with about 1,000 subscribers, so one advertising publication will bring you at first from a few hundred to 1,000 rubles. The more subscribers and advertisers, the higher the income. Many even small channels can get 50,000 - 100,000 rubles a month.

Method 10. How to make money on your website

I will discuss this method in detail in the last section of this article. Here I want to dwell on some aspects of this method of generating income.

There are several ways to make money on your site:

  1. An online store is an opportunity to sell some goods, attracting buyers via the Internet. Buyers can be attracted both from organic search results (Yandex or Google search) and with the help of various advertising (contextual advertising in search engines, targeted in social networks). This also includes service sites where they sell not goods, but services (well drilling, building a house, etc.). It is clear that this method requires investments and we will talk about it in the corresponding section of this article.
  2. Information site  - the creation of a non-commercial project with informational articles that will attract users from the organic search results of Yandex or Google. The main monetization method, in this case, is contextual advertising from the same Yandex or Google, as well as advertising publications, banners, and link sales (for promotion of other sites).

It is information sites that allow you to implement the concept of “no investment” if your labor costs are not included in them. Although many hire copywriters to write articles, and a content manager to order and place them. But this is already a business put on stream, and you can start “one in all persons” (makeup designer, copywriter, SEO specialist, usability specialist, advertising manager, etc.).

Since informants collect traffic to the site (visitors) mainly from search engines, all changes in Yandex and Google directly affect the level of income. Webmasters try to use SEO methods (white, gray, black) to get more traffic, and search engines introduce new algorithms and filters, often depriving them of the achieved positions.

Also, recently on the first page of the issuance of both Yandex and Google, there are more and more advertisements and affiliated services (owned by the same search engines). Consequently, conventional sites receive less and less traffic and lose revenue. In general, what brought a lot of income five years ago can now be reduced significantly. Alas and ah!

How much money can you earn on your site: from zero to several million per month. If you involve the work of third-party specialists, then it will be possible to go into the red.

Method 11. Vkontakte

Both social networks allow the owner of pages, publics, and groups to earn both on direct sales (for example, a business page) and on displaying native advertising (or publishing advertising posts). Another thing is that here the competition is even higher than on YouTube.

There are already very few free (with low competition) niches left, but there are many specialists who are well aware of the nuances of promotion in these social networks. 

Beginners can shoot here, but still, it will be an exception to the rule. Those who are aiming for success usually hire social media specialists to have a chance of success.

In addition, Vkontakte does not grow in the audience but rather loses it. Users go to Telegram, Tiktok, and other new, but more attractive social projects. So think twice before you start working with these social networks.

How much money can you make on Vkontakte: a beginner will have to go a very long way through the promotion before monetization if he does not want to invest money in it. After promotion, quite real incomes of tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles a month.

Method 12. How to make money by administering groups in social networks

Social networks require a lot of people who can organize the process of adding content to pages and groups. Almost every brand, major retailer, or manufacturer must be represented in all major social projects. This has become the norm, and besides, it allows you to increase sales because the audience on social networks is the most loyal of all.

However, maintaining a page, group or public is really hard work (although it can be automated), especially for an unprepared person. Therefore, there is a great demand for content managers who will maintain the representation in social networks at the proper level.

The beauty of this job is that you won’t need any special knowledge or mental effort, but you still have to go through a preliminary course of study. In general, there are no special secrets there - you just need to acquire the necessary skills (it's like working on a machine tool - it's available to everyone, but not everyone wishes).

There are special services that allow you to make posts on social networks simple: prepare content for a long period of time in advance, set up its publication on a timer to the necessary social networks, and keep reports to the employer. For example, it can be an SMM planner or any other similar service or software.

You can search for such work either directly (by contacting the owners of groups, pages, or public), or through freelance exchanges, job searches, and thematic forums. Most likely, it will be easier for you to find work on not the most popular projects (in the region of ten, to twenty thousand subscribers). There are more of them, and the pay there will be good.

How much can an administrator earn in social networks: usually they pay from about 3,000 rubles to 15,000 - 20,000 thousand rubles for maintaining one group. Although it all depends on the frequency of publications, content requirements (copy-paste, rewriting, or copywriting), and additional responsibilities (communication with visitors, answers to their questions).

Method 13. Earnings on culinary recipes

A bit of a highly specialized way, but if you are fond of cooking, you can describe in detail the process of preparing a dish and accompany all this with high-quality photographs (preferably unique, i.e. your own), then it may suit you.

The fact is that information on cooking is in great demand on the network (millions of requests per month on this topic). There are hundreds of large sites dedicated to cooking and all of them need quality content to attract visitors from search engines, which really appreciate not only recipe texts, but also their design (high-quality unique photos of cooking steps).

It would be difficult for site owners to hire a team of copywriters, buy tons of products, hire photographers and turn it all into recipes. They do it easier - they buy articles from everyone who is ready to sell them such information. They do this both directly and through text exchanges.

An example of a task for 1000 menus

Sites that pay for prescriptions (by clicking on the link, you will be taken to the page with prices, so I will not duplicate this information here):


In principle, one recipe can be posted on several sites (take several photos of each cooking stage and send different sets to different sites), thereby not only paying for its preparation but also earning a little. The main thing is that the photos are unique (yours), because this is easy to checkThe same goes for the text of the recipe. Uniqueness can be checked at, for example.

But recipes with photos can be sold not only on these sites. You can try to do this through the usual copywriting exchange. There, almost everywhere there is an opportunity to put up a finished article for sale. A beautifully designed article with recipes will certainly be bought if the price is adequate.

For example, many ready-made articles with recipes can be found on my favorite Etxt exchange. After looking at these offers, you can decide for yourself the price for such work.

Selling Recipes on Etxt

How much you can earn on recipes: from 30 to 500 rubles for one well-designed recipe. If you also replicate it (create different sets of photos of cooking stages and unique texts), then you can sell one recipe several times (including copywriting exchanges).

Method 14. How to make money on the Q&A service

The Big Question is a similar project that allows you to express your opinion, ask for advice and help those who need it, but not for free, but for money (as, for example, on Airek ).

Registration on the site is very simpleAfter entering the Personal Account, you can instantly start earning.

There are two types of menus: the first has a black bar and is located under the site title:

website interface is a big question

The second opens when you click on the arrow next to the username:

drop-down menu

First, let's look at the menu of the second type, in which you can view all the statistics of your activities, and analyze the prospects of the service. "Profile" is not only a place where participants publish information about themselves but also a page of detailed statistics. The very first table shows the number of questions and answers, user activity on the project, and its efficiency:

Statistics for your big questions

Efficiency is an interesting indicator to calculate, the system divides the daily number of clicks from search engines by the number of questions asked. 

Our questions, it turns out, attract only 0.6 people per day (on average), of course, this is very little, but so far few questions have been asked. 

Next to the total number of answers, the sum of the best answers is written - this is important since the best answers bring much more profit.

On projects for writing reviews like OtzovikLifeExper, or Kyukomment, money stops coming to your account if you don’t write a review within 30 days, on Big Question money stops coming if you don’t visit your page for 2 months (60 days), but writing questions or answering is optional.

Earned money in BolshoyVopros

The first thing that worries absolutely all participants of the BolshoyVopros project is at what rate loans are converted into rubles, in other words, how much money each view brings. It turns out that the conversion directly depends on the reputation of each individual user, the minimum rate is 75 kopecks, and the maximum is 95. The higher the reputation, the greater the number of earnings:

The rate of converting BolshoyVopros loans into rubles

It is important to remember that only quality answers are paid. If the text of the answer is copied from somewhere, if its volume is less than 200 characters or the total rating of the answer is below the value of "-2", it cannot be considered of high quality, the author of a such answer will not receive money.

Additions: if no one answered the question, its author will not receive anything, despite the fact that the question asked remains in the system; only the first ten high-quality answers participate in the distribution of income, the rest simply do not count, so you should not answer questions where a lot has already been written; if you give two answers to one question, only one will be recognized as high-quality, you will not receive money for the second.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 50 credits, it will accumulate quickly if you write a large number of questions and answers, but at the first steps on the BolshoyVopros website, it will be extremely difficult to reach the minimum.

There were no cases of non-payment of funds on the site, this is proved by many reviews.

A number of recommendations that, ceteris paribus, will give you the opportunity to receive many times more than is available to an ordinary (unsavvy) user:

  1. The first tip is to write quality answers that will be useful to people. Then they will be voted for, your reputation will quickly grow, and earnings will similarly increase. 
  2. While we were writing this text, our answer to the question about investments on the Internet was voted (a notification was received), and our reputation increased by 7 points:
    Earning a reputation in the service The big question
  3. Secondly, when writing questions, do not forget about optimization - it is better to write with such phrases that users often drive into a search engine. If you go to the Wordstat website, you will find that many phrases begin with the words "How/Where/Why/What if". Using these cliches in the wording of questions, you can significantly increase their popularity.
  4. Third - do not ask questions on very narrow topics: the audience of the Big Question is not so huge, so it will not always be possible to find answers.
  5. Fourth, take care of increasing your reputation and do not withdraw loans until you reach at least 1000 rating points so as not to lose profit.
  6. Fifth - develop an affiliate programAccording to the terms of the site, the referrer receives ten percent of the earnings of invited users, and it doesn’t matter if the money is credited for viewing questions or answers.

How much you can earn: it all depends on your qualifications and the time spent on answers. If you are not zealous, then it will be enough to pay for the Internet and the phone.

Method 15. Translator

A fairly popular online job, because translators are very rarely hired on staff and they prefer to work with them online through freelance exchanges. If you know well at least two languages, then it is quite possible to start looking for tasks for yourself. Most often it will be the translation of texts or videos.

Not only languages ​​from the popular group are in demand. Moreover, the lowest paid translations are translations from English (somewhere around 150 rubles per page of text). True, requests for translations from other languages ​​will be more difficult to find. But these are already nuances.

Earnings on translations

Where to look for translation orders :

  1. The copywriting exchanges already mentioned above also accept requests for translation. Therefore, you can look for a job that suits you in:
    1. Etxt
    3. TurboText
    4. contentmonster
    5. copylancer
    6. Miratext
    7. WorkHard
  2. There are also specialized exchanges that deal only with transfers:
    1. Polyglot
    2. Tranzilla

How much money you can earn on translations: it all depends on the complexity of the work, your qualifications, and the time you are willing to give translations. On average, you can receive from several tens to hundreds of thousands of rubles per month.

Earn money online with investments

It means investment. That is, before you earn something, you have to spend a certain amount.

This does not suit many (it is difficult to overcome one's stinginess, as it was in my case), but often it is these earning options that then become the main ones for many years to come.

Method 1. Cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges - yes, it’s difficult and it’s not a fact that you will stay in the black. But the beauty of them is that everyone can work for them, unlike conventional (stock) exchanges. 

Cryptocurrencies have unstable rates and many (very many) catch the wave, fill their hands, and even remain in a significant plus.

Someone uses them (and also exchangers ) to withdraw the money earned somewhere in real. In fact, they exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money (which can be paid in the store) at the most favorable rate.

But crypto exchanges are also used to make money on speculation, especially since you don’t need to start brokers and go through complicated registration procedures for this. There are margin exchanges that allow you to trade with leverage (essentially taking most of the bet on credit).

The easiest way to understand the essence of earnings is when, for example, there is a non-stop growth in the value of cryptocurrencies. Bought today, and sold more tomorrow. 

But this rarely happens (once every few years), so you need to learn how to make money in the fall of the course. The topic is not so simple, and you can’t tell in a nutshell, so a short video instruction will be given for each exchange.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges :

  1. Binance is the most famous and largest exchange in the world. Just register, understand the functionality and start using it. To expand the possibilities of your account, it will be better to verify your identity, but you can use the service without it.

  2. EXMO  is the most adapted exchange for the Russian-speaking user (completely Russified from the interface to technical support). In addition, there are a lot of options for withdrawing money (fiat, i.e. rubles, dollars, euros) including such popular payment systems in Runet as Qiwi, Payeer, and AdvaCash. Well, and on the card, of course, you can withdraw rubles, dollars, and euros.

  3. BitMEX  - designed for an active game (earnings on speculation, or rather, futures for an increase or decrease in the rate of bitcoin and a dozen other popular altcoins). Now, this is perhaps the only tool on which you can earn money both on the growth and on the fall of the cryptocurrency exchange rate.

How much you can earn on cryptocurrency exchanges: it all depends on the number of your investments, skills, and luck, of course. If you understand the topic, you will have a decent monthly income, but the risk of losing investments should not be ruled out (by coincidence, or by negligence).

Method 2. How to earn Cashback

It is difficult to call it otherwise than earnings with investments because by spending part of the money, you get everything back. 

If you spent the same expenses without using cashback, then nothing would be returned. As in any job, you will have to get a little confused here, study the offers on the market and choose the best ones just for you.

Cashback can be received using the corresponding card of some bank, or by installing browser extensions or a mobile application of some cashback service. The main thing is not to forget to use them when buying, otherwise, everything will be in vain.

The best services for receiving cashback in AliExpress, Ozone, and dozens of other marketplaces and stores:

  1. backit
  2. FlyShop
  3. SmartySale
  4. CashBrands
  5. MegaBonus
  6. KopiCat
  7. mysidex
  8. Baack
  9. Yamaneta

With debit cards of different banks (with cashback), on average, you can return 1% of the amount of all purchases and a much higher percentage of the number of purchases from bank partners. For example, I have an Alfa Bank card with 10% cashback for refueling a car and 5% for food in catering establishments.

How much money can you earn (return) on cashback: it all depends on the volume of your monthly expenses, but on average from 1,000 to 10,000 rubles.

Method 3. Online store or service site

For many, making money on the Internet is associated with this. A website is being created through which buyers of goods or services will be attracted. It remains only to organize a call center and delivery. The latter, by the way, can very often be outsourced.

This method has many advantages, but also many disadvantages. Moreover, the latter is becoming more and more every year, because small online stores are now forced to compete with huge stores (DNS, MVideo, Citylink) and marketplaces (Velberis, Ozon, Yandex-Market, etc.).

The coolest way to attract visitors to an online store or a service site (tow trucks, digging wells, repairs, etc.) is the issuance of search engines. The user enters “buy plastic windows” and your store will be among the first to be displayed. Could this be? Unfortunately no. Even for many less frequent queries, you will not have a chance to get into the Top (top ten).

Competition, alas, for most commercial requests is the highest. It is possible to wedge into the Top, but the site will need to be initially sharpened for SEO, and few people understand this, and in a year the search engines can replay everything and you will fly out of the Top.

For online stores, it is very important to have a breadth of reach. For example, you won’t be able to rank in the Top for the query “buy tulips” if you don’t have a huge section about roses on your site. Paradox! And “sofas” cannot be pushed to the Top without “wardrobes”. Therefore, marketplaces and huge stores are at the Top for thousands of requests, and your small site is one or two, and even that is not a fact.

For service sites, everything is a bit simpler, but there, when creating a site, it is very important to take into account a lot of little things (a list of prices for services, a landline phone, etc. is required). In short, look at the sites of competitors from the Top 10 and implement everything that they have. This will give you a chance, and then links, Direct, behavioral, etc.

Therefore, order a website from an SEO specialist (who specializes in setting up store websites), and not from a layout designer. The latter will do everything beautifully for you, but you can only attract traffic to such a store from advertising, and these are fixed costs (unlike SEO, where the main investments are made only at the beginning of the cycle). But this is my opinion and it is not the ultimate truth.

You can use not your website for sales, but, for example, an account on a social network (post photos of goods there) or any other social network. But it already has its own specifics and not everything can be successfully sold through social networks.

How much can you earn on an online store: you can get nothing (even be at a loss). But if you're lucky, you can raise 100,000 rubles a month and 1,000,000 rubles. Naturally, all this will be accompanied by troubles with feedback, logistics, and accounting.

Method 4. Earnings on dropshipping

Creating your own online store involves solving many tasks at once, many of which you would like to kick off. This is what makes dropshipping possible. In this case, you only need to find a buyer for the goods in any way, and everything else will no longer be your business.

The dropshipper does not care about the storage of goods, their delivery, or its payment - this is the manufacturer's business. You will earn on the difference between wholesale and retail prices. Everything is stored in the warehouses of the manufacturer - you are only informed about the number of goods available. Once you find a buyer, then all further problems become the seller's problems.

Dropshipping scheme

Dropshipping pros :

  1. No product is needed, which means that investments in its purchase, delivery, and storage will not be required.
  2. White Label - it is possible to sell goods under your own brand.
  3. No problem to expand the assortment of the store.

Cons of earning on dropshipping :

  1. It is not you who deliver the goods, but it is with you that the client will ask for jambs (substandard appearance, marriage).
  2. With a large assortment of goods, it will be difficult to track how much and what kind of goods the supplier has left (there is no access to its database directly).
  3. While the delivery is in progress (and it often comes from China), the client may change his mind and not pick up the package.
  4. It is difficult to make additional sales because the goods may be from different suppliers and delivery will be carried out separately. It is also difficult in this case to offer discounts because you don’t really control the price.
  5. You will not get a customer base to whom you could offer to buy something, for example, through a mailing list. The base will be with the supplier.
  6. It will not be so easy to set up a way to attract customers for each product. All experiments can cost a pretty penny without bringing returns.
  7. Suppliers from China require prepayment, but not every buyer decides to do this when it is possible to order elsewhere, but with payment upon receipt.

Thanks to you, the supplier buys goods, but he does not spend money on advertising. At the same time, he, in fact, is not responsible for anything (hiding behind your broad back and not visible to the buyer).

Plus, he still has the entire client base that you have collected, thanks to which he himself can start selling his goods quite profitably (“no need for a violinist,” as you remember).

How much money can you earn on dropshipping: from tens to hundreds of thousands of rubles a month, subject to the use of an already well-established scheme. Otherwise, you can go negative.

Method 5. Affiliate programs for the sale of goods and services

It is similar to dropshipping, but, in my opinion, more interesting. There are affiliate programs where you can sell goods from a very wide range, and there are where they sell services (booking hotels, obtaining a credit card). As promotional materials, you can get a ready-made online store, a mobile application, landing pages, a product or service search form, and much more.

Just like with dropshipping, affiliate programs do not require the purchase and storage of goods, there is no logistics and there is no need to deliver.

I'm not saying that this is an ideal option, but compared to dropshipping, affiliate programs lack a number of significant drawbacks :

  1. Most affiliate programs offer you a ready-made store or website for selling their products or services. In any case, you will receive advertising banners or rotators.
  2. Order processing is also taken over by the supplier (i.e. you will not need to communicate with customers and accept claims).
  3. Your sales margin is fixed and negotiated separately, and the product (service) itself is sold at the price of the supplier without any extra charge, which makes it more competitive.
  4. Working with an affiliate program, you do not need to track the quantity of goods in the supplier's warehouse, the passage of payments and the change in the description of the goods. Everything happens automatically.

Those. An affiliate program is, in fact, the same Dropship, but simpler (you just need to attract customers using permitted methods and make sure that the costs for this do not exceed the income).

Affiliate Disadvantages :

  1. It is impossible to directly control the honesty of a partner in terms of paying for the leads you make (sales, registrations, orders, filling out forms, etc.). Therefore, his choice must be approached carefully, and sometimes it is necessary to refuse cooperation if he is suspected of being unclean.

    Proven aggregators of affiliate programs (you can choose for any “taste and color”):

    1. M1 shop
    2. Admitad
    3. advertise
    4. leadtrade
    5. actionpay
  2. The partner will control the methods you use when attracting, and if they turn out to be unacceptable (cheat, etc.), then you can be banned without paying out the previously earned funds.

How much you can earn on affiliate programs of goods and services: from zero to several million rubles a month. The latter is available to arbitrage traffic gurus who know where to buy it cheaply and which affiliate programs to use.

Method 6. Earnings on traffic arbitrage

Traffic refers to the flow of visitors. Everyone on the Internet follows links (from search engines, from advertising, from website pages). This is the essence of hypertext markup. So, for simplicity, people who follow a certain link are called traffic.

Now let's deal with arbitration. This is essentially speculation.

The arbitrator aims to buy traffic cheaper (for example, from teasers and contextual advertising) and sells it at a higher price (for example, by transferring this traffic to one of the affiliate programs described above). On the difference he earns.

But that's just in theory. The fact is that in order to understand what kind of traffic will work out better (and whether it will bring anything at all) for this particular affiliate program (or rather, for this particular offer  - a separate affiliate product), you need to conduct a number of experiments. And all this at your own expense.

Therefore, not such a large layer of those who earn money on the Internet is successfully involved in the arbitration. But it is they who are closest to the base because any earnings are related to sales (less often directly, and more often indirectly). They, in fact, earn on direct sales ( leads ). Those. they generate sales by draining traffic bought somewhere.

Imagine that there is a product (service) in some kind of affiliate program. First, you will need to study the owner of the affiliate program in order to cut off obvious charlatans (those who do not pay). Then do testingPrepare special links with trackers to track the source of traffic and start buying it (context, teasers, targeting, your sources). Then weed out inefficient channels and decide whether you will work with this offer (depending on the output).

Repeat all over again for a new offer, and also periodically recheck those offers that you have been working with for a long time (suddenly traffic from another source began to work better there). And all this must be kept under constant control. If you click something somewhere - the money will fly into the void. Your money.

Aren't you scared? Well, great then. For it is precisely this method that is replete with a mass of cases where a month or two on simple advertising (inexpensive, for example, on social networks) made a profit of millions of rubles (although they spent no less on advertising).

List of the best affiliate networks :

  1. M1-Shop  - if you are focused on working with goods (not with services), then this is the best product affiliate program on the Russian Internet. Collected all currently popular products.
  2. Admitad is the largest network in Runet, where you can find offers on many topics. Affordable tools to help optimize advertising campaigns.
  3. Advertise  — a very large selection of financial affiliate programs, as well as offers of online services. This aggregator has a very good reputation.
  4. Leadtrade is here if you plan to arbitrage on financial affiliate programs from large banks. Very user-friendly and modern interface.
  5. Actionpay is another popular CPA network.

How much money can you earn on traffic arbitrage: up to 500% of the invested funds. Although you can go negative.

Method 7. How to make money on marketplaces - Ozone and Wildberry

Ozone has existed for a very long time, but it has only recently begun to seriously untwist and move into all the slightest regions, because it has a powerful competitor - Wildberry. The latter shot like a cannon during the 2020 quarantine and continues to gain popularity.

What is a marketplace ? This is something like an all-Union fair. Those. a platform where buyers and sellers meet. Moreover, a platform specially created for this, convenient for both one and the other.

Ordinary people trade here (like at a fair), while they only need the product itself (it will need to be packed and delivered to the nearest warehouse, possibly through a transport company), filling out a form to add it to the marketplace and the need to answer questions and complaints about the product in reviews to it (provide feedback).

That is, it is much easier than dropshipping and certainly not comparable to creating your own online store. Yes, there will be a commission (as an analog of a fee for a trading place at a fair), but you can set the price for the goods so that it compensates for the costs (the main thing is that the goods are bought for this price).

Top marketplaces :

  1. wildberry
  2. Ozone

How much you can earn in the marketplace: it all depends on the liquidity of your products, your efforts to study the promotion system within the marketplace, and sales volumes. The amount can range from several tens of thousands of rubles to several hundred thousand.

Method 8. Arbitrage of goods at flea markets (Avito, Yula, Rudos)

I can't help but mention shareware sales tools like bulletin boards. Many people use them to free their homes or wardrobe from things that are no longer needed. But there are also professionals working, one of which you can try to become.

In fact, this is an analog of the famous Ebey, where many Americans and Europeans make good money. Of course, Avito and Yula do not give the guarantees that a buyer on eBay has, but still, the essence is very similar.

Free ad sites make money mainly in one of two ways :

  1. If it is possible to buy some kind of liquid (well-selling) product, for example, in a Chinese marketplace or somewhere else (with a big discount or initially at a price lower than the average Russian one), then bulletin boards can be used to resell them at a premium.
  2. If you constantly monitor offers for some liquid goods on various similar message boards, then from time to time you can intercept something that is sold very cheaply (due to ignorance of the real price or by chance). Such goods are redeemed and then resold immediately at a higher price.

In both cases, you need to have the skills of a salesperson: write attractive ads, be able to beat the price when buying, stand your ground when selling, and easily establish contact with a client by phone. If this is all for you, then try it. There are technical nuances for which even training courses are sold.

Best job boards to make money :

  1. Avito
  2. Yula
  3. Rudos
  4. Buy Sell
  5. From hand to hand
  6. No junk
  7. Bulletin boards for your region

How much money can you earn on free ad sites: from several thousand to several tens of thousands of rubles per month.

Method 9. Earnings on the purchase/sale of sites

You can sell and resell not only physical goods but also websites. There are people who specialize in buying them for further monetization (earnings). They have an idea of which methods are best suited for which site - they only need the sites themselves to scale their business.

You can just become their site provider. There are two ways, as always:

  1. Create websites for future sales, upgrade them, fill them, monetize them, and sell them at a certain stage. The process is long and for one resource it can take a year or two. It helps to put the process on stream so that there are always sites ready for sale.
  2. Buy sites that are already working and profitable (newcomers can sell them at a significantly lower price). Refine them to increase profits and sell already at significantly higher prices. Such a process usually takes less time (from several months to six months).

To understand the essence of pricing, I will explain a little. Typically, the price of a site is calculated from the income that it brought in a year (or two). Usually, this is income from certain types of advertising. The more income (and it depends on traffic and the target audience of the site), the higher the potential value of the site.

Beginners usually have problems choosing the best ways to monetize and they think that they can’t earn more on their project, which is why they sell it for cheap. This is played by resellers who know exactly what to tweak so that everything becomes many times better (attendance and income).

The best exchanges for selling/buying websites :

  1. Telderi is the largest exchange in Runet, where you can safely (the exchange acts as a guarantor) make a deal with any site or domain.
    Earnings on the sale of sites
  2. PR-CY  - by selecting "Exchange Sites" from the top menu, you will be taken to a convenient directory with the minimum necessary functionality.
  3. Flippa  - here you can sell or buy a website for the bourgeois.

How much you can earn on the sale/purchase of sites: from several tens of thousands for one site. The business scales easily.

Method 10. Consolidation of Internet developers

This is an alternative way to freelancing to realize your knowledge and talents in the digital field. In fact, there are a lot of services that can be provided in a complex and it will not be possible for one person. Having united with those who are ready to work with you, you can already order music yourself (search for clients, set price tags, and the form offers).

It's kind of like cooperation. Such an association can exist both on an equal footing and have founders plus employees. In fact, this is the creation of a company that can work without an office.

What services are usually provided by such digital agencies :

  1. Development of mobile applications (a very promising direction).
  2. Game development (including mobile).
  3. Creation and support of sites, online stores, layout, and design.
  4. Website promotion, advertising campaign management, SMM marketing.
  5. Work with content - copywriting, filling sites, social networks, and online stores.

How much money can you earn here: starting from the average salary in Russia and ending with hundreds of thousands of rubles a month.

Method 11. Earnings on valuable domains

There are two main ways to make money on domains:

  1. Resale of domains (cybersquatting)To begin with, you can try to check domain names that have not yet been registered by anyone but potentially have great prospects. For example, consonant with the activities of a commercial company, as well as promising for promotion on certain search queries or for creating certain Internet services, portals, etc.

    Such domain names are registered for the purpose of their further resale to those who are ready to pay the amount you require for them. The domain may well be bought at cost (let, for example, six hundred rubles), and sold already for thousands and even millions of rubles (fiction, however). I myself have never dealt with cybersquatting, but nevertheless, many webmasters are not averse to trying to make millions on this.

    When I was choosing a domain name for my future site, I tried so many different combinations, but almost everything was taken. Moreover, there were no websites as such on these domains. Those. cybersquatters have already captured almost everything on which there is a chance to earn money later.

  2. Registration and sale of valuable vacant domainsAlready purchased and previously used domains can suddenly be released unexpectedly. The fact is that they are rented (usually for a year) and if you do not pay for the renewal, then in a month the domain becomes available for purchase by anyone. Well, there can be a lot of reasons for not paying for the renewal (forgetfulness of the owner, personal problems, loss of access to the domain).

    Now, releasing domains can be of great use. In addition to the value of the domain itself (if it suits your tasks), the site that was hosted on this domain also has value. Although it has been unavailable for some time, it can be restored (for example, through the Internet archive ). And after getting it back into the search engine index, you can make a page redirect to your site (significantly improving its position), or sell it at a very high price (much higher than the cost of the domain).

    Such domains are called drops, and you can read about them at the link provided. Where can you buy drop domainsAs I said, at auctions of domain name registrars. One of the most famous is the Registration of vacant

    Earnings on vacant domains

How much you can earn on domains: not so little. If you're lucky, then from several tens of thousands of rubles from one domain. Monthly income will depend on your skills and level of investment.

Method 12. How to make money on Webmoney

WebMoney is the oldest payment system in Runet. In fact, this is its own ecosystem with wallets and services. Officially, there is an exchange of so-called title units, but, in fact, these are rubles, dollars, euros, and cryptocurrency.

In WebMoney very often there are payments of fees and they can also pay for many different services and services on the Internet. But, besides everything, you can also earn money in the "WebMoney universe".

  1. You can become a WebMoney registrar in your region and receive permanent rewards for this.
  2. It is possible to act as a bank and issue loans. This is done through a special tool Credit ExchangeThe minimum balance on the wallet is one dollar. There is a risk of non-repayment of the loan, so choose your clients carefully, focusing on their BL (business level), TL (trust level), and other parameters.
    Credit exchange from WebMoney
  3. You can bid on shareholderHere you can purchase shares of the Budget Machines you are interested in and further participate in their management. Naturally, before investing, you should study everything in detail and do it consciously.
  4. WebMoney allows you to invest in gold, for which a special WMG wallet is intended. The price of the title units in it is tied to the exchange price of gold. You can buy WMG on the exchange of title units WebMoney. If gold rises in price, then by selling WMG, you can make decent money.
  5. The WebMoney exchange also allows you to trade three types of cryptocurrencies linked to the corresponding wallets. As you know, cryptocurrency has been growing lately and you can also earn on such investments.
  6. You can trade cryptocurrencies on the INDX exchange (again from WebMoney), where you can also buy shares (you will not need to register a brokerage account).
  7. Digiseller store builder (again from WebMoney), which allows you to create a service for the sale of digital goods (focused on the sale of activation codes, files, virtual currency, and e-books). For example, the famous works on it. You can create your own similar service and make money on it by providing a trading platform and earning interest from it.
  8. WebMoney also has an Exchange of obligations (an exchange of debts, in fact). If someone in the WebMoney system borrowed money (see the second paragraph of this list) and does not repay it, then this debt can be sold to another person. If you want to act as a collector, then you will be given all the personal data of the debtor so that you can collect this debt from him (at a profit for yourself). For example, debt can be bought for as little as 1% of its amount.

How much money can you make on WebMoney: With such a variety of ways, it is very difficult to predict something.

Earnings with a high risk of losing money (investments)

There are high-risk options for knocking money out of the network, which I would not recommend usingBut you must know about them, so as not to take all this at face value. Most of all, the organizers earn from such methods, and also those who attract those who wish (refers). The rest, at best, remain on their own, and at worst, lose money.

Method 1. Economic games

Speaking about making money on games, many people mean just this type of activity. You play games (raise chickens, gnomes, or miners) and then produce some kind of resource and exchange it for real money.

I will say right away that almost all such economic games are pure scamsAnd the only real way to earn on them is to attract referrals. At the same time, referrals will definitely be deceived there (they will not allow you to withdraw money). But you will receive payments (a small percentage of the money they spent).

Is it worth it? My opinion is definitely not (even if you are a referral), but, of course, you decide. In fact, these are financial pyramids, where the lion's share of the profit goes to the owners, a much smaller share goes to referrals, and nothing at all goes to real players.

How to recognize a scam game? Very simple. In such a game, you will need to buy something for real money (chickens, gnomes, tea bushes, some kind of real estate) and this will bring you some kind of game resource. And then you exchange this resource again for real money at the internal rate. But they won’t let you do it so easily - in one way or another, you will always be at a loss.

The most promoted economic games allegedly with the withdrawal of money:

  1. Golden Mines
  2. Golden Birds
  3. Taxi Money
  4. CosmoStar
  5. Gnomez Money
  6. money farm
  7. CosmoGame
  8. Bitcoin Far
  9. Rich Birds

How much can you earn on economic games: if you just play, then not at all (they won’t let you withdraw). If you attract referrals, then you may well receive several additional thousand rubles a month.

Method 2. HYIPs

This is not in the sense of catching hype, but the abbreviation HYIP (from High Yield Investment Program), which means a highly profitable investment projectThey are lured there by the fact that project participants are paid from 1% to 50% of their income daily, depending on the type and life span of the HYIP.

An HYIP project is closed when the inflow of money from new investors ceases to cover the cost of paying interest to those who invested in the pyramid earlier. Although, at the request of the organizer, the scheme can be closed earlier ( a scam will happen, i.e. bankruptcy) in order to hit the jackpot and hide in the bushes in time.

The higher the percentage of income on invested funds is offered by this or that HYIP, the less it will live. There are projects that live for years at the expense of not very high percentages of income. There are those who live for a month or two, but the percentage there is crazy.

As in any other financial pyramid, the organizers earn the most here, as well as referrals who managed to withdraw funds before the project scam. The latter constantly monitors the network in search of new HYIP projects and tries to determine the moment of its scam in order to withdraw money in advance.

If you are interested in this topic, then welcome to the most famous forum for making money on investments (including high-risk ones) - mmgp.comI even try to avoid ordinary investments, and I generally consider it bad manners to make high-risk investments. But it's me. You may have a completely different approach to life.

How much money can you earn on HYIPs: how much did the holders of MMM or Khopra shares earn in the 90s? Well, the same will happen with your investments. If you manage to withdraw on time, you will get a good income. If you don't make it, you lose everything.

Method 3. Forex

I'm not a great specialist in this area (I'm not well versed in all sorts of technical analyzes, etc. things). But the system itself is quite self-explanatory. The forex universe is closed and isolated. The earnings of some players come at the expense of the loss of others.

The essence of Forex is the global currency exchange market. You can earn here on exchange rate fluctuations if you know how to predict them. It seems simple, but 80-90% of novice traders lose their first deposit, and many leave Forex after that. Only professionals and very large players have stable earnings here. Beginners are needed so that they leave their money here.

consider this way of earning for beginners to be highly riskyBut on the Internet, everyone is trumpeting accessibility, high profitability, and “coolness”. Many make money by teaching beginners and by providing trading tools. They need "fresh meat" and they will lure you in every possible way to do a very difficult task.

It is important to understand that you won’t get it with kondachka. You need to dedicate yourself to this and engage in Forex seriously if you feel interested in it. Otherwise, just forget. Losing your first deposit will discourage you from trading any further. But with a serious approach, every loss will be a lesson for future wins.

How much can you earn on Forex: nothing really shines here for a beginner. To make money, you need to plunge headlong into it and have a penchant for it. Well, if you are a pro, then you will be able to handle any amount and you will treat losses with understanding.

Method 4. Sports betting

Many consider it earnings, but it is a lottery. In a stable plus here, only bookmakers and those who, in one way or another, come into contact with insider information (real, and not like “one guy said”). All. Otherwise, this is pure fortune-telling - lucky, unlucky. Some people like it and think it's cool. And for me, it’s like a regular lottery - the more participants, the higher the income of the organizers.

Well, do not consider the Sprint or Russian Lotto lottery as earnings? It's a hobby. Entertainment. A ray of hope. Sharp sensations. In general, a show with an unpredictable result for the participants. In other words, high risk investments.

Although someone stubbornly invests in this business, looking for insiders, rejoices in winnings and justifies losses. Offices that accept sports betting, while multiplying and getting richer, spending more and more money to attract new customers. For them, this is a really great way to make money (on the members). You can't argue here.

How much money can you earn on bets: if you are a bookmaker, then a lot. If a player, then with average luck, you will remain in a small minus.

Method 5. Cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency is a software environment in which various conditional currencies are redistributed (sold, bought, exchanged, transferred), which can be exchanged for real (fiat) money or other cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, the emission (release of new units) of some cryptocurrencies is artificially limited and occurs due to mining (search for a certain number, by enumeration). These calculations (brute force) require large resources (most powerful video cards are used for this) and bring good income (they pay for each new bitcoin or another unit of cryptocurrency mined).

There are two main ways to earn on mining:

  1. Create your own farm (computing power). There are many nuances that you can read about in the article about mining.
  2. Install some applications on your computer and get a small fee for using the power of your PC. The fact is that the process of computing is easily parallelized and can be carried out simultaneously on thousands of computers, where the corresponding program is installed, coordinating its activities via the Internet.

Both ways I consider high-riskThe first will be profitable only with a high rate of bitcoin (the main cryptocurrency). And if a collapse occurs, then your farm will cease to be profitable (electricity bills and equipment depreciation will exceed income). The second is related to installing software on your PC, which is not clear what it will do (mining or ...).

Applications for mining on your computer :

  1. Cryptex
  2. nicehash

How much you can earn on mining: if you build your own farm, then it all depends on its power and the bitcoin rate. If you install the program on a computer, then on average from 2-3 thousand to 10 thousand rubles a month.

Ways to make money on your website

You have probably already noticed that having your own promoted Internet project (if you have not neglected Seo promotion methods ) greatly increases the level of possible income in many of the ways described above. In addition, there are ways that, in principle, are not feasible without having your own website. These are the ones that will be discussed in this chapter.

Actually, I have already considered most of the methods in detail in an article about website monetizationBut, nevertheless, I will briefly repeat myself and add something relatively new.

  1. Contextual advertising  - probably, for the majority of Internet projects created for people (the so-called SDL), it is the main and most profitable method.

    Contextual advertising in its name contains an explanation of the principle of its work. In fact, these are ads (pure text, supplemented with pictures or completely graphic), the content of which will be thematically the content of the web page where the ad block is placed.

    You wrote an article about pink elephants, and contextual advertising will show ads about the sale of pink elephants, if, of course, such ads are provided by advertisers. Although ads can also be shown based on the needs of the visitor who opened the page of your site, if the search engines, which are the main players in the contextual advertising market, somehow found out about this need.

    In Runet, there are two titans - Yandex and Google. Therefore, for webmasters in Runet, there are only two options for working with context - the Yandex advertising network (YAN) or Google Adsense.

    Both systems strictly monitor compliance with the rules of work and, if they are violated, they can permanently excommunicate you from this way of earning. Therefore, I advise you to first familiarize yourself with these rules, so as not to regret them later.

    This is the most preferred type of advertising that can bring in a very decent income (see screenshots of my earnings in YAN and Adsense at the very beginning of this publication). In addition, this type of site monetization usually does not cause any complaints from search engines, which cannot be said, for example, about the same teasers, which will be discussed below.

    However, the context will not work well on all Internet projects and bring tangible earnings to the owner. Otherwise, nothing but him would be used.
  2. Banner and video advertising - it complements the context described above very well and is designed to fix information about the brand (service, product) in the minds of users.

    Therefore, many advertisers may wish to place their banners on your Internet project. The level of revenue generated from banner ads will largely depend on how lucky you are to meet the right advertisers for you.

    In order for your advertising spaces not to be idle in vain, and the webmaster's wallet not to be empty, you can use the services of some advertising networks. Well, you can also add a page to your project that will allow potential advertisers to navigate your pricing policy and understand how your web project is visited and respected among Internet users.

    However, one should not overdo it in this matter (as, for example, Terekhov and, possibly, Mikhail Shakin do). Not only will this annoy visitors (although they can get used to it), but, oddly enough, search engines have a negative attitude towards the dominance of banners on the page.

    In general, be careful with banners and video ads. Especially with their aggressive display options (popunders and other obsessive heresy). I understand that you always want more money, but you can increase prices and reduce the amount of advertising (without using aggressive ones), and at the same time keep the income at the same level (I did exactly that).
  3. Teaser advertising  - if the context does not bring the desired result, then you can try to make money on teasers. True, they often have a shade of “yellowness”, but for forums, entertainment or news portals, teaser advertising can become the main source of income.

    However, Yandex penalizes sites for shocking ads, and it is teasers that most often fall under this definition. Therefore, carefully study the reviews about the teaser network and disable the display of shock ads in the settings.Teaser network example

    A list of the most popular teaser affiliate programs can be found in the article at the link above.
  4. Selling links  - this is not about installing scripts for link exchanges like Sapa, but about manually adding links, the placement of which will be ordered by the advertiser through exchanges of articles like Collaborator, because this is the safest way to make money selling links from your Internet project.

    But still, you should follow the measure in everything and not sell too many links, even if this will allow you to get pretty good money in the early stages. There may be satiety, after which there will be some subsidence of your resource in search engines.

    However, I have a project that monetizes very well by selling eternal links and posting articles, but when you try to make money on it in any other way, nothing happens at all, and this is despite the fact that this project has good traffic.
  5. Making money on affiliate programs is the same as the method described just above, but by having your own visited resource, you can rise to a completely different level and at the same time not spend money on Direct or Adwords (as well as social networks, teaser networks) for attracting traffic.

    It will be possible to earn everything in the same systems that I listed a little higher, by placing advertising banners of affiliate programs on my website (or even better, just referral links in thematic texts). The main thing is that the topics of partners coincide or partially intersect in terms of topics with your resource. The best part is that these earnings will be absolutely passive and therefore even more enjoyable.
  6. Promotional articles and announcements  - this is similar to posting articles from exchanges like Kolobarator, but here you will not necessarily make links open for indexing, and the articles will most likely be much more interesting. Such articles and announcements are posted specifically to attract thematic traffic.

    True, you first need to gain a huge stock of authority, so that later there is something to waste when deciding on the publication of advertising posts. I only switched to this practice after four years, and you know what? I liked it. Money is money, but there is another reason.

    The process of choosing a topic for the next article is not always clear for me (the agony of choosing sometimes lasts for more than one day), and when the choice of a topic is made for me, then I just have to delve into its study and write as detailed as possible and, as far as the desire to please the advertiser allows truthful review. IMHO.

If I missed something, then see the list of what I use to make money on the page provided by the link.

How much can you earn online without investing money

I probably foresee your skepticism about the fact that you can earn something on the Internet. Many shouts about its practice at every corner, and when it comes to specific amounts expressed in monetary terms, it turns out that these amounts are extremely small, and the work that will need to be done for this is extremely monotonous and tedious.

Yes, this is true - it is almost impossible to have high earnings on the network, while not having a certain qualification (that's why people pay for training in Internet technologies ). In addition, as in real life, unskilled labor is very, very low valued and, accordingly, paid.

But nevertheless, now, from the height of the years I have lived on the Internet, I can responsibly declare that there is money there, and there is a fairly large amount of it.

And I think that the best option is the one that allows you to receive income without prior investmentIt often happens that these same investments simply have nowhere to take, and all fraudulent schemes for making money online are based precisely on taking a certain amount from you and then throwing it away.

Therefore, in the future, we will consider methods that will allow us to do either without investments at all, or by reducing them to a minimum. Later, when your site (and I highly recommend creating it) will bring in a stable and tangible income, you will be able to spend part of the proceeds on investing in your web project, thereby increasing the amount of future income. But it will no longer be investments, but investments.

Let's add some more lyrics and unexpectedly surging memories. I remember my first penny in the “unreal world” quite clearly and with details. It happened about ten years ago when the blog was only a few months old.

A girl contacted me by e-mail and offered to place a guard (a link to the project she is promoting) at the beginning of a new article on my blog. She asked me about the price, but I was not interested in this and therefore suggested that she set the price herself.

As a result, we agreed on 40 rubles, and this was my first money earned on the global Internet. You know, the amount is not to say that it was impressive, but damn it, it was so unusual to get forty rubles for nothing. That's it, there was a feeling that money fell from the sky (I absolutely could not believe at that time that it was real). Somehow unusual and damn nice.

The second time I experienced the same feeling, was when, finally, for the first time I managed to cash out the amount from the current account of an individual entrepreneur through an ATM (it’s one thing when these were numbers on a computer screen, and quite another when they nevertheless materialized into real banknotes, which I held in my hands). It was very pleasant, right up to goosebumps.

In 2012, my earnings only on contextual advertising (then still from Yandex) amounted to more than a hundred thousand rubles a month:

One million rubles from contextual advertising

At the beginning of 2020, Adsense (also a type of contextual advertising) brought much more. This is income in just one month, and also the shortest of the year:

Earn 4700 dollars from Adsense

In general, it is quite possible to make money online, and the very fact that they can materialize in crisp banknotes caused me a slight emotion and a rather idiotic smile for a long time.

Well, this eventually passed (when the amounts became large and regular), because a person is so arranged that he quickly gets used to everything (especially to the good). So far, I’m not completely used to it and I want to write an article about making money online, fueled by purely positive emotions.

🔥 Where can I learn how to earn more money?!

As you already understood, it is not easy to make money on the Internet without special knowledge. As elsewhere, unskilled labor is not well paid. However, now it is not necessary to graduate from a higher educational institution in order to become a class specialist.

Rather, on the contrary, universities are quite far behind the requirements of real time, and you will not find many of the modern and most relevant Internet specialties in our time. But online learning centers keep pace with the times. They retrain those who graduated from universities and those who just need to master a new modern specialty.

Of course, none of this is cheap. It’s good if your current employer pays for you (this often happens, because he is interested in improving the skills of his employees). But even if you yourself invest in training (there is an opportunity to get installments), then this will be the most useful investment - in yourself. The main thing is to choose the right direction of study and the center where to take it.

The best centers for training in Internet specialties :

  1. Skillbox is the largest learning platform on the Russian Internet (600 courses and even more teachers). I advise you to start with the discount courses page, because there may be what you need, but for significantly less money.
    Professions taught in Skillbox
  2. GeekBrains is a training platform that guarantees an internship and subsequent employment after completing the training (if you need it). The diploma of graduation from this center is highly valued by employers, which means that the knowledge gained here is very relevant.
  3. Netology is a growing online learning center where you can also be helped to find a job after completing the course and receiving a diploma if you wish.
  4. SkillFactory is your direct path to the IT profession. The emphasis is on training data scientists, high-level programmers, and developers (games, applications, websites). There are also many discounts, so it makes sense to monitor them.
  5. TeachLine is a young training center, but with a very modern program (especially for making money in social networks).
  6. Contented is a direct path to design in all its manifestations. If you have an inclination, then this is what you need.
  7. BeOnMax  - a lot of courses on web programming, creating and promoting websites, and working in social networks. There are both paid and free training programs.

How much money you can earn after graduation: depends on many things, including the choice of direction and your talent. It pays very well now (200,000 - 300,000 rubles a month for an accomplished specialist is not even a ceiling).

Beginner Tips

The hardest thing is getting started. And the greater the choice, the more incomprehensible which of the described ways of earning will suit you best. Moreover, the more you read on this topic, the more confused you will become. So let me give you a few more tips based on my personal experience:

  1. You need to start trying right away and not put it off indefinitely. The theory is good, but nothing can be better than practice. Thus, you at least check that there really is money on the Internet.
  2. If you do not have any experience that could be useful for making money online (with your own mind) and there is no opportunity (or maybe desire) to make investments, then it is best to start smallEntering captcha, simple actions in social networks, simple tasks on freelance or content exchanges. This is both experience and quick money that can be withdrawn immediately (literally after a couple of hours of work).
  3. When you satisfy momentary needs for money, try more complex and specific ways to earn moneyYou need to understand what you have a penchant for, and what you can do without straining. Can you do a whole day of routine or do you need constantly new and varied tasks.
  4. If you have found a niche in which you would like to develop, then this is just great. It will be possible to engage in self-education on this topic or be trained in the above training centers. In any case, it will no longer be a waste of time and money, because you will understand that this is what your soul lies in.
  5. Remember that the more difficult the way of earning, the longer it will take to return from it. For example, you can earn a couple of hundred rubles on captcha right now - you just need to start. But when creating your website, channel on YouTube, or on Telegram, you must understand that the return on this work can only come in a year or even later.
  6. If you need the Internet only for part-time work during difficult periods, then this is one thing. But if you are determined to make it the main (or one of the main) source of income, then immediately tune in to a permanent job (at first you can even without days off). The episodic approach will not help you here.
  7. Ninety percent of those who start making the Internet their main source of income eventually give up. Often not reaching the desired just a few steps. It is very important to perseverance and faith in yourselfThe mountain will be mastered by the walking one. Bang your head against the wall and it will crumble. It is checked up on my own experience.
  8. I repeat, if you consider the Internet as a place of permanent work, then do not do what you do not like. Even if it brings in income now. Just because you won't last long. It would be much better to switch to something that you are ready to do constantly and with interest, even if it currently brings little income (and does not bring it at all).
  9. If you plan to invest, then start with yourself. Get full knowledge on the topic you need, thus your future investments will be much more accurate and successful in the future.
  10. Always be wary of too "tasty" earnings offersIt's most likely a trap. For nothing, no one gives anything on the network.

    "Money loves silence", and if someone found the "magic button BUTT", they would be silent about it even under torture. Learn to think critically. In addition to the ways of earning money described above, you will find hundreds more on the network, but most of them will be complete crap (deception). In these cases, it is not you who earns but you.

How not to be deceived?!

Cheating is one of the most popular ways to "make money" on the Internet. And the most common victims of cheaters are beginners. This must be taken into account and be on the alert. Although anyone can be fooled. For example, I fell for the bait of social engineering specialists a couple of times (I ended up losing money on my electronic wallets).

Therefore, I allow myself to give you some more advice, but now in the field of security. All of them are banal, but if you follow them, then you will never be deceived. Unfortunately, we can be taken by surprise and we forget about all the precautions. But suddenly you won't forget...

  1. You will have to register in a lot of places (websites for earning money, electronic wallets, exchanges). Get yourself a password manager on your computer (of those that are considered reliable, but do not save passwords in the browser). For each registration, be sure to create a new complex password and, if possible, enable two-factor authentication in your profile settings or link your account to your phone.
  2. Instead of going to the service using the link from the incoming letter (especially if it scares you with some problems or, on the contrary, promises a bunch of goodies), go to this service from your browser bookmarks, or through a search engine (Yandex or Google). If you clicked on the link, then carefully look at the URL address in the address bar of the browser. This way you won't become a victim of phishing.
  3. If you notice that your account was hacked or realized that you fell for a phisher's bait, immediately write to the technical support of this service (if you cannot log into your account, then create a new one and write from it, explaining the situation). This helped me at one time to return part of the money stolen from the electronic wallet (they did not have time to withdraw it from the system).
  4. Do not store large amounts in the accounts of sites for earnings or exchanges. It is better to withdraw them to electronic wallets or a bank card as soon as the amount reaches the minimum required for withdrawal. The fact is that the sites themselves may not be as well protected from hacking as the same electronic wallets.
  5. If you have found an interesting way to make money online (you were advised, you went through advertising, etc.), then the first thing to do is to look at the reviews about this site. How to do it? Copy its domain name from the address bar and enter Yandex or Google into the search bar, adding the word "reviews". You can use an interesting browser extension called Web of TrustIt will allow you to assess the trust users have in this site.
  6. How do rate reviews? Oh, it's not that easy. Why? Because they are being "twisted". If you found only positive reviews about the site for making money and the oil flows like a river, this is a reason to be wary. Having constructive negative feedback is a good sign. After all, more often than not, reviews are left by dissatisfied customersAnd that's okay. Just read them and you will understand whether what others did not like is critical for you. Do not pay attention to negative reviews that are unfounded or repeated by different reviewers (this is spam).
  7. There are still a lot of projects on the Internet that are financial pyramids (even in the form of economic games with the withdrawal of money exist). They can be recognized by the very high percentages of promised returns on your investments (what else can they do to entice you?). It goes without saying that the risk of being left with nothing at all is very high. Moreover, reviews from such a service can be very flattering (bought). There are a lot of custom video reviews on YouTube.
  8. Any earnings offer that are significantly higher than the market average should be an occasion for you to study the reviews about this service as carefully as possible. If you receive such an offer as a freelancer, then this is also a reason to be wary and secure (prepayment, work through a guarantor).

  9. Sometimes the deception lies behind a very profitable offer of earnings (maybe with investments and without), but at the same time, you are asked to transfer some (albeit small) amount to some account to make sure of your loyalty. Never translate anything, because this translation is the reason for their interest in you. The fact is that on some reputable freelance exchanges there is a “subscription payment” (for example, on Workzil and FL ) and scammers are trying to imitate this by referring to these exchanges.
  10. If you are freelancing and working with clients directly (not through the exchange), then do not complete tasks without prepayment (at least partial). When doing a lot of work, you can use the services of a guarantor (usually there are such people on thematic forums) or ask the customer to add a task through the exchange, which will act as a guarantor of the transaction.


If you have not only read the article but also tried some options for earning money, you have already been able to make sure that all this is quite real and there is money on the network. Another thing is that this topic is very littered and instead of working tools they often try to slip us a scam. Therefore, be sure to be critical of everything that is being imposed on you (in advertising, and on social networks).

You can’t earn a lot, quickly and without much effort. Or quickly and simply, but not enough. Or a lot, but long and difficult. The Internet in this regard is not much different from real life.

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