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 Every time there's a new Mac, a new iPhone, a new Apple Watch, or a new AirPods, the superficial differences that you can see right away are the ones that make you think, "Well, it's not much different from the previous product." Some people press But things are not that simple.

Apple's special event where new models of AirPods Pro were announced in addition to iPhone and Apple WatchApple's special event where new models of AirPods Pro were announced in addition to iPhone and Apple Watch

What is the evolution of Apple-like products?

 It's not the amount of change that matters. Quality.

 The Mac was born 38 years ago, and since then, a surprising number of new technologies and features have been added every year. If they were all visible and visible, the macOS menu would be too complicated to find what you're looking for by now with too many items.

 What's amazing about the evolution of macOS is that even when 200 to 300 new functions were added every year, the number of menus displayed at the top of the screen did not change, and the length of the menu displayed when clicked remained the same. is less than half of

 Refining and refining to avoid complication, adding one new feature and removing the obsolete old feature or merging it with the new feature. By doing so, it is possible to create something better while maintaining a sophisticated and simple form.

 The first iPhone that appeared 15 years ago and the newly announced series such as " iPhone 14/14 Plus " and " iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max " have almost the same shape as products, except that the home button is gone. Same thing.

iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 13 Pro Max from left.  The new series 14 Plus is close to the size of the conventional 13 Pro MaxiPhone 14, 14 Plus, 13 Pro Max from left. The new series 14 Plus is close to the size of the conventional 13 Pro Max

 Two volume buttons, a silent switch, a sleep/wake button, a multi-touch display that spreads over the entire body, and a single panel on the back that completely hides in the palm of your hand, with the Apple logo in the center and a feel of the material of the product. , the basic configuration has not changed.

 Still, for example, using a camera, I can take photos and videos that clearly show the evolution of image quality compared to the pictures taken with the 2021 model that I thought was already beautiful. With the new camera, the "action mode" may be the best way to feel it. This is because the camera shake is almost eliminated.

 Due to its high image quality, the iPhone camera is increasingly used for filming movies and TV programs in Japan. Accessories will appear. Products called gimbals/stabilizers, which many YouTubers attach to their iPhones, have built up a large market. "Action Mode", on the other hand, will eliminate the gimbal/stabilizer in many cases.

"Action mode" added in the iPhone 14 series.  Prevents camera shake to such an extent that conventional gimbals/stabilizers seem unnecessary"Action mode" was added to the iPhone 14 series. Prevents camera shake to such an extent that conventional gimbals/stabilizers seem unnecessary

 Looking back at the history of the iPhone, when it was announced 15 years ago in Steve Jobs' legendary speech, it was a product that fused "music player, portable Internet terminal, and telephone" into one. Although it appeared in the past, it has become more and more consolidating the functions of our belongings, such as paper maps and notepads that we used to carry around, calculators, digital cameras, IC recorders, commuter passes, and credit cards.

 In this complicated world with too much information, too many products, and too much consumption, "good design" is needed to untie the threads that are entwined in a complicated way and create a future where people can live in a simpler and more human way. Apple is one of the few companies in the world that takes it seriously, and that's what makes it the number one company in the world.

 People who like gadgets still carry a lot of the latest gadgets in a big bag and carry a heavy bag, but most people who don't, they're almost empty-handed now, even if they forget their wallet. If you have it, you can do a wide variety of things smartly and comfortably during the day. This time, it can be said that the gimbal/stabilizer also counted in the current complexity that the iPhone has absorbed.

 The situation in the United States is even more enviable. Photos of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro on Apple's official website. If you look closely at the photos on the US version of the website and the Japanese version of the website, you will notice that although they look exactly the same, they are actually different. The cutout for the SIM slot on the side of the iPhone on the Japanese site is missing from the US version of the photo.

 If you think about it, there are already a number of companies in Japan that offer voice and data communication services with eSIM, and anyone can see that the physical card called a SIM card is nameless. Working closely with carriers, the U.S. model is taking a big step forward in the future of the phone itself by eliminating this junk and supporting multiple eSIMs.

A new feature was developed in the hope that it will not be used

 New features do not add complexity to the product, another common pattern these days is the addition of safety features that "ideally should not be used if possible." This time, as an example, the new iPhone and Apple Watch series have been added to the car collision detection function. Every day, traffic accidents caused by car collisions occur all over the world.

 Those who have experienced it may be in the minority, but I can't say for certain that it won't happen to you. In such a case, even if you are not the driver and are just sitting in the back seat of a taxi or a family member's car, if there is a major impact in an accident, this function will automatically activate and confirm your safety. do.

 If you are unconscious and there is no response, it will automatically call an ambulance and tell you your location information and the fact that there was an accident instead.

 Even before this feature was installed, many people saved lives every year using things like the Apple Watch, but all the iPhones and Apple Watches announced this time have a maximum of 200G generated by a car crash. We have newly developed a sensor that can detect up to 256G, which greatly exceeds the impact of the shock, and will protect you when you forget.

 Apple is said to have developed this function after repeating the experiment of crashing a car loaded with dummies, which is often done by automakers. It is not a development method that all mobile phone manufacturers can do.

When Apple Watch detects a big impact, etc., a screen prompting emergency contact is automatically displayedWhen Apple Watch detects a big impact, etc., a screen prompting emergency contact is automatically displayed

 Actually, there is another safety function that is "better not to be used".

 The first is a function called "SOS by satellite communication" that will start in November in the United States and Canada. It is a technology that uses satellite communication to communicate information such as where you are now and how long you can survive even if you are in an accident in a place without radio waves.

 The thin iPhone packs satellite communication capabilities that were previously only accessible by carrying around a large, purpose-built satellite phone. Although they can't make calls, they can use text to convey information such as the location of the distress and the remaining food to the rescue team.

 For this feature, Apple has done extensive research on past victims and what information has helped them in their rescue and has prepared several forms, including boilerplates, that can be easily sent. Also, since not all lifeguards can receive text messages, we prepared a unit to read newly received lifesaving information and contact them by phone. We are designing a new infrastructure for peace of mind and establishing a new business division.

"SOS by satellite communication" function to be provided from November in the United States and Canada.  If you follow the instructions on the screen and point the iPhone 14 series at the communication satellite, a fixed message will be displayed and help you rescue even in an emergency."SOS by satellite communication" function to be provided from November in the United States and Canada. If you follow the instructions on the screen and point the iPhone 14 series at the communication satellite, a fixed message will be displayed and help you rescue even in an emergency.

 Both SIM slot abolition and satellite communication are provided only in the United States for the time being (satellite communication is also available in Canada), but the Apple Watch's ECG function, which many people gave up saying is "probably impossible in Japan", can be used today. As you can see, I would like to expect that eventually, we will be able to persuade partner companies and the government to provide it in Japan as well. I sincerely hope that Japanese partner companies and the government will have a strong desire for the safety and security of each and every citizen, just as a foreign company thinks so.

 Another important change that will lead to such safety and security is the improvement of battery operating time.

 The features introduced so far are common to the iPhone 14 series, but we must also mention the product configuration.

 This time, Apple has stopped the small mini-series, perhaps in response to the iPhone SE product, and instead added the iPhone 14 Plus, which has almost the same large screen as the Pro Max series iPhone, to the lineup. It is possible to display more information on a single screen and use it with larger characters.

iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max series that updates the common sense of smartphones

 And the Pro series takes smartphones one step further into the future.

 Since the first iPhone was announced 15 years ago, it has become commonplace for smartphones to turn off the screen when not in use to save power, but in iPhone 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max (hereafter, Pro series) Then the screen stays on all the time.

 When not in use, the screen dims a bit and the screen refresh down to about once a second, but the clock displayed on the lock screen and various information added to the lock screen with the latest iOS 16 The display (widget) updates in near real-time and can be touched to wake the iPhone and reveal more information at the same time.

 Still, the battery operation can be used for almost a full day (up to 23 to 29 hours for video playback).

 It is also worth noting that the same organic EL display has twice the brightness of the conventional screen in fine weather, making it easier to see.

 The camera has evolved to the extent that it can compete with it. Regarding the image quality of the pictures that can be taken, it is best to introduce it in a review using the actual device, so I will omit it here, but Apple, which has continued to improve the image quality while maintaining the same resolution, has come here. The number of pixels has been increased to 48 million pixels, which is four times. As a result, for example, even a subject that is far away and appears small can be made to appear larger and clearer by cropping the photograph. By applying this, a 2x mode that cuts out a part of the photo has been added to the telephoto shooting.

 And "Dynamic Island" makes us realize the greatness of Apple's design team. A black shadow on the screen called a notch was created by the screen enlargement (this is where the infrared camera and selfie camera are hidden). This negative element has been sublimated into an operation method for smartly using multiple apps on the iPhone at the same time. It's just the opposite of the idea.

 For example, if you swipe up on the playback screen while music is playing, the playback screen will be sucked into this "Dynamic Island" and will display the album jacket being played and animations of changes in volume. If you want to skip a song, touch this black area, and a small playback controller will appear at the top of the screen, so you can tap it to skip to the next song.

 Similarly, when measuring time using a timer, it is possible to zoom out on Dynamic Island by swiping up.

 Seeing is believing, so if you haven't yet, please check out the video to see how it works.

A computer on the arm that actively evolves humankind

 At this presentation, the Apple Watch series was also revamped. The " Apple Watch SE ", which can be purchased for 37,800 yen (including tax, the same below) and expands the base of the Apple Watch, is also new. For example, Apple Watch SE for children who do not have an iPhone can be set using their parents' iPhones. is now possible.

 A major feature of the new model is the skin temperature sensor. The author himself misunderstood, but it is necessary to be careful because it is not a thermometer function, and if you wear the Apple Watch while sleeping, it will be measured during that time.

 With this pandemic, we've been using non-contact thermometers to measure heat more and more, and we've learned just how sloppy these measurements are. If the outside temperature is hot, it will heat up due to the influence, and if it is exposed to air conditioning too much, it will cool down. Although it is a sloppy index that can be easily deceived by temporarily lowering the body temperature with cold water, measuring this has a major role as an indulgence that Japanese commercial facilities are taking measures against coronavirus. play.

 But the Apple Watch's health features, like its accurate electrocardiogram function, are designed to be more down-to-earth. This skin temperature sensor also does not measure your normal body temperature, which is around 36.5 degrees, but automatically measures it while you sleep. After that, it will continue to record how much the body temperature has risen or fallen compared to the reference value. Perhaps the most obvious example of this sensor's effectiveness is in recognizing when a woman is ovulating.

 In the future, there is a high possibility that it will be applied to medical research using the Apple Watch, which is progressing all over the world.

By utilizing the skin temperature sensor built into the Apple Watch, it measures the ovulation cycle in conjunction with the iPhone.By utilizing the skin temperature sensor built into the Apple Watch, it measures the ovulation cycle in conjunction with the iPhone.

 Another feature of the new Apple Watch is the detection of car collisions, which was introduced in the explanation of the iPhone.

 The Apple Watch already has a function called "fall detection", so when combined with this, it can recognize falls when standing or walking, bicycle falls, and even car collisions ( (Not yet responding to motorcycle accidents).

 There are other points of evolution, but the one that has such a big impact as to cancel them out is the existence of the top model " Apple Watch Ultra " that suddenly appeared.

 This is an Apple Watch aimed at athletes, adventurers, and divers. The titanium body of the Apple Watch, which has a water resistance of 100m and strong dust resistance, conveys its toughness just by looking at it.

 There are 3 types of bands available: an alpine band that won't come off even if you slip down while climbing, an ocean band that can be worn over a wetsuit and won't fall off, and a trailing band that can be used easily for trail running and hiking. (You can also use the traditional 45mm Apple Watch band).

 A physical button called the action button has been added so that you can call up important functions even when you are underwater or climbing snowy mountains with gloves on. or select.

 One of the key features is the ability to place compass waypoints (GPS-based signposts) so you can navigate without an iPhone with an accurate compass and dual-frequency GPS-based accurate location. will do

 You barely notice the change in weight, and the slightly thicker body houses a battery that lasts up to 36 hours (up to 60 hours on low power settings).

The case is huge at 49 mm, but the battery life is as long as 60 hours "Apple Watch Ultra"The case is huge at 49 mm, but the battery life is as long as 60 hours "Apple Watch Ultra"

 It also has a traceback function that guides you on how to turn back and return in the event of an accident during your adventure.

 On the other hand, when you dive into the water, the diving mode starts at the same time and transforms into a diving computer that displays the current water depth and water temperature.

 Still, the price is quite affordable, starting at 124,800 yen, and it naturally fits in the hand as an urban wristwatch that provides more accurate directions in a city lined with skyscrapers.

 In contrast to many digital technologies that have led people in a more lazy direction with the slogan "convenience", the Apple Watch has led people in a healthier and more active direction, but this Ultra, makes me feel that it is the ultimate figure.

 This alone is already more than enough announcement, but this time, in addition to this, the world's popular headphones " AirPods Pro " have also evolved, with noise canceling that is twice as powerful as before, and the touch operation of AirPods Pro to adjust the volume. It also features adjustability, long-running, and personalized spatial audio that adapts to the shape of your head and ear to further enhance your spatial audio experience.

New AirPods Pro case with a new strap holeA new AirPods Pro case with a new strap hole. The strap in the photo is not made by Apple, it is made by a third party.

 With the AirPods Pro on, follow the instructions on the iPhone screen and move the iPhone close to your left and right ears, and it will recognize the unique way you hear sound determined by the shape of your face/ears, optimizing your spatial audio experience. Give me I don't know until I actually try this function, so I'd like to report again after I get the actual machine.

 For many people around the world, the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro are now almost an extension of the body and are always worn and used.

 Although the appearance of the product and the operation screen are almost the same, it fits the characteristics of your body more deeply and provides you with more peace of mind, allowing you to be more active, take beautiful pictures and videos, and even in noisy environments. This is the evolution of Apple-like products that make us more active, such as enjoying music that enriches our hearts.

 The answer is clear as to which will enrich your life compared to the evolution that becomes more and more complicated just by adding functions in an easy-to-understand manner.

CEO Tim Cook wearing an Apple Watch UltraCEO Tim Cook wearing an Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Special Event at Steve Jobs Theater
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