Should I learn Unity or Unreal Engine? best way to learn unreal engine 5

 I will introduce the recommended learning methods in a ranking format from the ones I actually went to. 

UE5 will be released in early 2021, but we recommend that beginners learn using UE4 teaching materials, which have a lot of information.

1st place: Mastering game development with Unreal Engine 4

Should I learn Unity or Unreal Engine? best way to learn unreal engine 5Mastering Game Development with Unreal Engine 4
I actually read it, but I really recommend it for beginners. The volume was good, the clarity was good, and it was wonderful. 

By the way, I was worried because the first edition was in 2015, which is old, but I had no problems with this. 

This is because the version of UnrealEngine used in the book is the same as before, but I was able to proceed without difficulty with the latest version, and I was able to follow the UnrealEngine editor and operation methods according to the book without any problems. 

The contents of the book are with commentary videos, and the additional pages can be downloaded as pdf separately from the book, so it is a book full of information. 

However, it is certain that the amount is too large and it is not compact and takes time.

2nd place YouTube

Youtube is my favorite after books. There is also an English video, but when I saw it, I felt that it was very helpful, so please study it. Best of all, it's free 👏👏

Commentary video by Mr. Nobuaki Fukui of Nobuhop ↓

It is a very easy-to-understand explanation and I highly recommend it.

Even a cat can understand game development using UE4 Super beginner level ↓

UnrealEngine's official Japanese explanation video "Game development using UE4 that even a cat can understand" is honestly long, but it is very easy to understand because it is carefully explained for beginners, so it is worth learning with this material. I have enough.

Explanation video by DevAddict (English)↓

If you can understand English to a certain extent, we recommend YouTube commentary videos overseas, as they are generally more abundant and of higher quality

It may be difficult, but learning English together will make game development using UnrealEngine much smoother.

3rd Official Online Learning

There is an official UnrealEngine official online learning for beginners (Japanese subtitles in English), but it's just a short description or a function explanation, and honestly, I don't think it's interesting and you don't have to watch it. 

The latest information and basic information are available, so I think it's better to do only the tutorials that interest you.

Courses on Udemy

I haven't actually done this, so I don't know, but it's highly rated and has a lot of content, so this may be more useful than the first-place book.

We recommend learning English together

If you can use English, you will have an advantage because the number of sources of information will increase. 

When I search for UnrealEngine, there is very little information in Japanese, so I have a lot of opportunities to watch English YouTube and threads. 

If you can use English, you can search in English and find information in English, so it is easier to solve problems.

You don't have to go to an English conversation class, you just need to read it. For example, if you say ThirdPerson, it means third person. 

Of course, you can also use the translation function, but to be honest, there are limits and the ability to read English should be useful for things other than game development, so I personally think it's better to get used to it a little by little.

best way to learn

Actually, when I started UE5, I challenged the development of my own game from the beginning without learning anything about UE4. 

Because I myself have experience with Unity, if you google it, you can do it! (laughs) Most of the concepts are the same as Unity, so I could understand it, but the operation method was completely different, so I realized that development was not progressing and it was really inefficient, so I decided to learn the basics.

When I looked it up, "Mastering Game Development with Unreal Engine 4" was highly recommended, so I bought it on Amazon and finished the book. 

I'm working on game development. The best flow is ``(1) learn the minimum basics from a collection of information → (2) develop games while googling when you're in trouble.''

Conversely, spending too much time on study materials is a waste of timeUltimately, the best way to learn is to actually develop a game. Let's keep the basics to a minimum and challenge game development when you have a prospect!

UE5 will be released, but is it okay to learn UE4?

Yes, this is fine. If you are familiar with UE4, you can use UE5 in almost the same way. However, UE5 will be released in early 2022, so it may be possible to use UE5 in anticipation of that. 

If you're just starting out and don't plan to publish your game, I recommend using UE5. 

After learning the basics of UE5, you should be able to learn while looking at UE4 reference books and tutorials. Recommended learning methods for UE5 (latest) introduces how to learn UE5.

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